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Nicolas Giraud in High Lane (2009)

In a scene Nicolas Giraud is completely naked, dirty, and appears dead. But when a woman touches him, he wakes up and we see his uncut dick moving around. He has a nice uncut dick, with a short foreskin.

image 1931

Guillaume Depardieu in Pola X (1999)

Guillaume Depardieu is seen completely naked in this movie. We see his butt at the beginning and at several occasions during the movie. The most interesting is a love scene with his female co-star, which is not faked. Although the scene is pretty dark, we can clearly see his erect penis which is very big penis. We see his girlfriend jerking it, sucking it and taking it up her pussy. A scene worth a porn movie if it was not so dark.

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Kristof Broda, Damiano Gaumann, David Sembritzki and Andreas Kriener in G: Lost in Frankfurt (2015)

27 minutes in the movie, we see Kristof Broda's large uncut penis and Damiano Gaumann's butt as Damiano Gaumann is fucking Kristof Broda.

41 minutes in the movie, Kristof Broda is undressed by Damiano Gaumann. We see Kristof Broda's butt and low hanging balls, as well as his massive uncut dick from behind hanging past his balls.
Right after, Kristof Broda removes Damiano Gaumann's underwear. We see Damiano Gaumann's butt and massive uncut dick, first a partial view from the side and then a view from behind of what's hanging.
We also see David Sembritzki's butt.

image 3760

Michiel Huisman in Phileine Says Sorry (2003)

Michiel Huisman has a first nude scene 25 minutes in the movie. It's pouring rain in the bedroom, but we see Michiel's amazing body. He has a very very nice bubble butt with its cheeks open. We also get a quick glimpse at his uncut cock. 40 minutes in the movie, Michiel Huisman is naked on stage and erect. Even though it's filmed from a distance, we clearly see his very big uncut dick. It seems to be big as an arm! 1 hour in the movie, Michiel is wearing a tight underwear which shows the countour of his big dick. He then drops his underwear and ends up naked on stage. He is making love on stage in a very intense scene! Later in that scene, we get a very clear frontal of Michiel's soft, but thick and pretty uncut dick.

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David Douche in The Life of Jesus (1997)

12 minutes in the movie, we see David Douche's ass as he is making love to his girlfriend. We can see he has a hairy crack. 38 minutes in the movie, he gets naked in a field with his girlfriend. We get a close-up view at his dick as he penetrates her. He has an uncut dick that we see in great details.

Anders Agensø and Peter Bjerg in You Are Not Alone (1978)

13 minutes in the movie, there is a young man in the bathroom with other guys. This one is completely naked. We see his butt, his pubic hair, and part of his dick as he dries himself.
29 minutes in the movie, Peter Bjerg is getting naked to get a shower. He has no pubic hair. We see his uncut penis and then his friend Anders Agensø joins him in the shower. Anders Agensø is also uncut but with a bigger uncut dick with untrimmed pubic hair.

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Aidan Gillen in Blitz (2011)

30 minutes in the movie, Aidan Gillen is awaken while he is naked in bed. He turns around to reveal his firm butt. If you can pause frame by frame you will be able to see in that process that Aidan Gillen has a big uncut dick!

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Reid Ewing and Bryan Callen in 10 Rules for Sleeping Around (2013)

25 minutes in the movie, Reid Ewing is naked in a living room. He has a great body. We briefly see his pubes and then his butt when he leaves the room.
33 and 34 minutes in the movie, we see Reid Ewing's butt again as he is naked in the back yard. He is hiding is penis with a cushion, but he is not doing a very good job and we can briefly see his dick.
37 minutes in the movie, a dog attacks his cushion, and we briefly see his penis again.
40 minutes in the movie, the dog is licking Reid Ewing's butt! We see Reid Ewing's dick again as he moves away from the dog.

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Michael von Steele, David Moretti and Jesse Cutlip in The Lair (2007)

Michael von Steele is the one showing the most nudity with a quick but clear frontal shot, showing a pretty thick cut dick.
David Moretti has an amazing shower scene without frontal nudity, but with great butt view.
Jesse Cutlip also shows rear nudity in this first season of The Lair.

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Barlow Jacobs in Alexander the Last (2009)

Barlow Jacobs has two sex scenes in this movie. In the first one, we can see him in black briefs that his girlfriends removes with her foot (sexy!). The scene is very well lit, so we can see all the details like his crack hair. In the second scene, we see Barlow putting his briefs back. As he is doing it, we can see the very tip of his dick, one of his hairy balls, and all the hair between his balls and ass.