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Wentworth Miller in The Human Stain (2003)

21 minutes in the movie, Wentworth Miller is naked in bed. At first we don't see much as the camera is filming from the side. But then at the end of the scene, he rolls on the bed, and we get a quick glimpse at his butt.
No frontal nudity in this movie, but Wentworth Miller is known for being uncut.

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Ewan McGregor in Young Adam (2003)

Ewan McGregor has sex with many woman throughout the movie. 51 minutes in the movie, the woman he is in bed with pulls the cover out of Ewan. It reveals Ewan McGregor's very impressive soft uncut dick.

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Alec Newman and Marc Warren in The Principles of Lust (2003)

Alec Newman is naked in this movie from the opening credits on. We see him naked swimming under water with close ups on his butt and uncut dick. Right at the beginning of the movie he is naked again and we can see his butt and dick again as he dresses up. Later in the movie, Alec is having sex with a girl and we see his cute bubble butt again. There is also a frontal in the shower. Alec is not shy indeed! Towards the end of the movie, Marc Warren is involved in a gang bang scene. We see there some other guys being blown also (for real). We see Marc Warren's butt, balls and erect thick penis in a woman's pussy.

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Joris Conquet, Adrian Conquet, Mike Fédée and Michael Augusto in Les Garçons de Chambre (2014)

2 minutes in episode 1, we see Joris Conquet's butt. We see the tip of his dick in one frame.

5 minutes in episode 4, we partially see Adrian Conquet's butt, and then 7 minutes in the episode, we see his shaved pubes.

3 minutes in episode 8, we get a close up view at Joris Conquet's butt.

5 minutes in episode 13, we see Mike Fédée's butt. For one frame, we also see his penis. We also see in that scene Joris Conquet's butt. His haircrack is shiny, so he probably got it waxed.

15 minutes in episode 14, we see Mike Fédée's butt.

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Thiago Cazado and Paulo Sousa in Cousins (2019)

13 minutes in the movie, we see Thiago Cazado's dick. His dick is uncut but with a short foreskin.

40 minutes in the movie, we see Thiago Cazado's butt as he lays naked on a bed.

43 minutes in the movie, Thiago Cazado is getting naked again. We see his penis and his butt.

45 min Paulo Sousa is also getting naked. We see his big uncut dick, hit butt and both actors naked as they engage in a long sensual and sexual scene.

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Stephen Dorff, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Jack Krizmanich in Shadowboxer (2005)

Jack Krizmanich is first seen buck naked at the beginning of the movie. He is tied to a pool table when they rip off this pants and they fuck him with a pool stick (although we don't see that). Jack has an amazing ass and the view of a pool ball in his mouth wide open is interesting! Mid movie, Stephen Dorff is having sex with a girl, when disturbed by the noise in the hallway, he pulls out. We can see his dick in a condom. It's pretty long! Later in the movie, we can see Cuba Gooding Jr. butt as he is making love to a woman.

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Mark Gerber in Sirens (1993)

Mark Gerber is seen first naked 45 minutes in the movie. He is naked by a lake. Then he starts masturbating. In a later scene, Mark Gerber poses as a nude model. We get to see his cut dick in close-up. It's pretty impressive! Mark is quite a hunk!

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Casper Van Dien, Graeme Richards and Antonio Summerton in Starship Troopers 3: Marauder (2008)

68 minutes in the movie, the whole team undresses and walks naked towards a podium. As they do we see them mostly from behind. We see first the butts of Graeme Richards and Antonio Summerton. We see Antonio Summerton's frontal from a distance and his penis is covered by a skin-toned cloth. Finally Casper Van Dien walks on the podium and we see his butt. As he turns around we gets a very quick look at his penis. Although it is covered by a piece of cloth, we can tell his penis is thick and cut.

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Taylor Reed and Joe Swanberg in Blackmail Boys (2010)

Right from the very beginning of the movie, we see Taylor Reed playing gay web cam. We see Taylor Reed jerking his big cut dick on the computer screen.
15 minutes in the movie, Taylor Reed is making love. In very close-up, we see Taylor Reed big cut dick in great details. Then we see Taylor Reed's butt for the first time. Taylor has a hairy crack.