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Joseph Morgan, Don Gilet and Adam Rayner in The Line of Beauty (2006)

This three part mini-series is interesting. In the first part we see Don Gilet's butt twice. First we see his crack in his pants as he is kneeling down and then later when he is taking a shower. In the second part, we see the butt of Adam Rayner as he is kissing Alex Wyndham. we don't see real nudity of the main actors Dan Stevens and Alex Wyndham, but we see them in swim wear. They have unimpressive bulges at that time. In the second part, we also see the butt of Joseph Morgan. Joseph Morgan is a very good looking blonde. He is wearing a thong, so we can see his butt when he is swimming and when he is leaving the swimming pool. In the pool, he is fooling around with his girlfriend, and he is displaying a very impressing bulge. He was clearing enjoying the scene with his big hard-on.

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Juan Manuel Martino, Lucas Papa, Darío Miño, Gaston Re, Gabriel Epstein and Arturo Frutos in Taekwondo (2016)

3 minutes in the movie, we see the thick uncut dick of Juan Manuel Martino. His dick is getting bigger as he chats with the other guys.

10 minutes in the movie, we see Juan Manuel Martino lying down naked on a bed. We see his beautiful uncut dick.

19 minutes in the movie, Lucas Papa is undressing to shower. We briefly see his dick.

20 minutes in the movie, we see Darío Miño's butt. Then we see Gaston Re's uncut dick.

21 minutes in the movie, we see the dicks of Darío Miño and Lucas Papa.

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Alexander Bracq, Andrew Shine, Chris Grezo in Seeing Heaven (2010)

Alexander Bracq is a male prostitute that has visions with guys he has sex with. His first client is Andrew Shine. We can see his naked butt. However in that scene we don't get to see much of Alexander as he seems to be wearing a short. Anyway a little time after, we can finally see Alexander's very nice butt. His second encounter is Denton Lethe. But we unfortunately don't get to see them naked. Same goes at the club when he gets fucked by Addison White. Then when making a porn movie, he has sex with the very pretty Maximo Salvo, still without nudity below the waist. Then he makes love with Chris Grezo. This time we see Alexander's ass repeatedly as he is seating on Chris's dick. Then we get to see Chris's butt. Finally Alexander gets in a weird gangbang/rape situation but no real nudity there as all actors were wearing underwear during the scene.

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Tristan Barr and Lucas Linehan in Monster Pies (2013)

33 minutes in the movie, Tristan Barr and Lucas Linehan undress to go swim but they stay in the underwear which will end up being all wet. We see more of their bulges when they get out of the pool.
46 minutes in the movie, Tristan Barr and Lucas Linehan are both naked in bed. We see both butts, which are quite nice.
47 minutes in the movie, we see Lucas Linehan naked in a shower.

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David Douche in The Life of Jesus (1997)

12 minutes in the movie, we see David Douche's ass as he is making love to his girlfriend. We can see he has a hairy crack. 38 minutes in the movie, he gets naked in a field with his girlfriend. We get a close-up view at his dick as he penetrates her. He has an uncut dick that we see in great details.

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Anton Thompson Coon in Almost 18 (2012)

In these short movies, Anton Thompson Coon's first movie, he shows us the whole deal. As he is in the shower, we get to see his big uncut dick with water dripping all over his body as well as his nice bubble butt.

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Peter Franzén in Ambush (1999)

2 minutes in the movie, Peter Franzén is running back from the ocean in a swimsuit. We can see his big backage bouncing around.
16 minutes in the movie, Peter Franzén is naked in bed. We can barely see his dick at first, but then when he leaves the bed, we see Peter Franzén's beautiful butt, and his huge balls hanging in between his legs. The sideways, we see his uncut dick.

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Michael Lovan and Josh Watson in A Reunion (2014)

13 minutes in the movie, Michael Lovan is naked and we see his penis and low hanging balls. He appears to be uncut. We also see his butt when he leaves the room.

51 minutes in the movie, Josh Watson is getting naked. We get a good view at his long circumcised dick and his butt.
In that scene, Michael Lovan also gets naked, we see part of his dick, and we see them kissing in bed together.