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Michael Vara, Alvaro Orlando and Greg McKeon in Eating Out: The Open Weekend (2011)

Michael Vara is one of the new hotties in this fifth version of the Eating Out sequel. Although we don't get a full frontal from him, we get a nice butt view in a scene. There is a lot of tension building up when he drops his swim trunk in front of Chris Salvatore and Aaron Milo. Both of them seem very impressed and Daniel Skelton had mentioned in an earlier scene that he has a huge penis. Well we only get to see his firm white butt. Alvaro Orlando plays a straight man in this movie. Towards the end of the movie, 2 girls surprise him and find him naked in his bedroom. He does not hide much and displays for a few seconds his long and thin uncut penis and then turns around and shows his butt. Greg McKeon drops his towel near the pool and reveals a pretty big and long cut dick. He is very proud and takes his time to cover up. Earlier in the movie, Greg McKeon is seen in a jacuzzi getting an active blowjob from Christian Ferrer.

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Jimmy Clabots, Steven Gannt, Nick Hawk, Vin Armani and Brace Land in Gigolos (2011)

In Season 1, Episode 1, we see Nick and Jimmy. We briefly see Nick's dick as he is removing a condom from his dick. He has a thick cut dick. We also see his nice firm butt. In that episode we also see Jimmy's butt. In Season 1, Episode 2, we see Steven and Vin. Steven has a big thick uncut dick. And he is not afraid of showing it. His butt is also very nice. Vin has a pretty big cut dick and a very firm body. In Season 1, Episode 3, we see Brace, Jimmy and Nick. Brace has a rather long cut dick. His butt is more floppy because he is older. Jimmy has a BDSM experience. We see his dick entrapped in a chastity device, and we see his smooth nice butt. In Season 1, Episode 4, we see Jimmy and Nick. In Season 1, Episode 5, we see Jimmy, Brace and Vin. In Season 1, Episode 6, we see Jimmy and Steven. We get a closed-up view at Jimmy's penis. In Season 1, Episode 7, we see Steven and Vin. In Season 1, Episode 8, we see Vin.

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Wayne Virgo in Cal (2013)

Wayne Virgo has several nude scenes in that movie.
11 minutes in the movie, there is a fight scene in bed. A girl gets on top of him. He is naked, we see his uncut dick and balls when she is on top, and then when he pushed her out of the bed.
We see his butt when he gets to the bathroom but it's dark.
36 minutes in the movie, Wayne Virgo gets naked in front of a mirror. We can ample time to admire his body all around.
Finally 50 minutes in the movie, there is a gay love scene with Tom Payne but we don't get full nudity from them then.

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Yoav Reuveni in Snails in the Rain (2013)

11 minutes in the movie, we see Yoav Reuveni's ass.
16 minutes in the movie, we see his butt again.
34 minutes in the movie, again after a jerk off competition, we see Yoav Reuveni's butt in the shower. We also see extras penises.
69 minutes in the movie, there is a very brief view at Yoav Reuveni's dick.

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Jamie Kennedy in Finding Bliss (2009)

Jamie Kennedy plays a porn actor in this movie. We get to see a full frontal from him towards the end of the movie. He is very well endowed and shows us a nice cut chubby.

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Matthew Rush in Third Man Out (2005)

55 minutes in the movie, Matthew Rush undresses. We first see his butt and then his dick in the mirror. Matthew Rush has a big cut dick and has also appeared in pornographic movies.

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Patricio Ramos and Mario Verón in Solo (2013)

Patricio Ramos and Mario Verón are both naked for a good part of the movie. They are both hot.
18 and 21 minutes in the movie, we see primarily Patricio Ramos's butt.
34 minutes in the movie, there is a nice view of Mario Verón naked on a couch. We see his ball and a piece of his big dick in between his thighs.
Finally, 47 minutes in the movie, Patricio Ramos and Mario Verón are both naked on a bed, and we get clear full frontal nudify from both of them.
Patricio Ramos has a medium sized uncut dick with big balls. Mario Verón has a big and thick uncut dick.

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Jon Lange in I'll Come Running (2008)

We first see Jon Lange's butt as he gets out of bed after making love to his girlfriend. Then, he comes back to the bedroom, and we get a nice full frontal from him. He has a good-sized uncut penis. Unfortunately his girlfriend asks him to dress up! A few minutes later, we see Jon Lange completely naked on the floor. We see them fooling around in a number of other scenes, which are pretty hot, even if there is no other real front nudity.

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Pablo Puyol in 20 Centimeters (2005)

We get to see a few times Mónica Cervera's huge 8 inch prosthetic penis. Her boyfriend Pablo Puyol, does not mind that she has a penis... he actually enjoys taking it up the ass. Pablo Puyol is seen completely naked in a scene in the kitchen after he makes love for the first time with Monica. He arrives completely naked, with an impressive chubby. Instead of covering his genitals, he proudly display the goods and finally shows us his butt when he returns to the bedroom.

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Gerard Butler and Billy Connolly in Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown (1997)

28 minutes in the movie, Gerard Butler and Billy Connolly both undress completely to go swim in the ocean. As they run naked we see their penises flopping around and then their butts. The scene is not very long but it is very clear. Both have good-sized uncut penises. Gerard Butler has a nicer butt as he is younger.