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Roger Coma, Naím Thomas and Sergi López in Caresses (1998)

Roger Coma has an amazing butt. Really very very nice curves, and a little bit of hair which make it really sexy. We also see his dick but very briefly. Its size is regular and it is uncut. We have a long view at his butt as he is giving a blow job to an older man. Naím Thomas is a sexy young man. He has a nice uncut dick that we can distinguish under the water as he is taking a bath. Sergi López plays Naim's dad and they end up taking a bath together. Naím Thomas complains that his penis is smaller than Sergi López's, but our screen captures differ with that assessment!

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Brady Corbet in Simon Killer (2012)

13 minutes in the movie, Brady Corbet is not wearing any underwear or pants. We see his butt and his balls in between his thighs, when he stands up from the couch. Then he masturbates but we don't see his penis.
30 minutes in the movie, Brady Corbet is making love to a girl. We don't directly see his penis or butt at first. We can however distinguish his dick and balls in between the girl's legs.
At the end of that scene, we see Brady Corbet's butt as he is resting on his stomach.

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Nicolas Duvauchelle in Secrets of State (2008)

In this movie, the good looking French actor Nicolas Duvauchelle finally shows us everything. There is a shower scene in jail which reveal his big and thick uncut dick. Also during the fight scene, one can see he has a tight foreskin.

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Adam Scott in Tell Me You Love Me (2007)

In this short lived TV show, there is a lot of nudity. Adam Scott is no exception. He spends most of the episodes making love. We even get to see him cum while receiving a hand job from Sonya Walger.

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Mustapha Khaddar and Karim Tarek in Road to Love (2001)

Mustapha Khaddar likes to show his big cut dick while he is with Karim Tarek at a nudist beach. We first see him undressing, and then sunbathing. It is somewhat from a distance but there is no doubt he has a big penis. Then Mustapha Khaddar approaches Karim Tarek and we get long close-up views at his big dick. Towards the end of the movie, we see Karim Tarek's butt as he is taking a shower.

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Joe Dallesandro in Flesh (1968)

2 minutes in the movie, and for several minutes we see Joe Dallesandro's bubble butt, hairy crack and balls. Then we see his dick.
6 minutes in the movie, Joe Dallesandro is now hard as a rock and we see his hard dick for a few minutes!
14 minutes in the movie, Joe Dallesandro has been naked since the beginning of the movie and is naked again with a baby.
30 minutes in the movie, Joe Dallesandro is getting naked again in front of a man. We see his butt and his penis.
77 minutes in the movie, Joe Dallesandro is naked again and we see his dick again.

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Ulysse Grosjean in Heat Wave (2011)

45 minutes in the movie, Ulysse Grosjean is taking a shower. Fortunately for us, the camera films everything, including his big thick uncut dick. It is filmed sideways, so we get to see both his dick and his butt.

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Vincent Cassel in Irreversible (2002)

The beginning of the movie is a long strange filming of a gay cruising club. 15 minutes in the movie, we see a big uncut dick being masturbated but the owner is anonymous. 75 minutes in the movie, Vincent Cassel is naked in bed and remains naked for the next 10 minutes. We get ample time to view his firm butt and big cut dick.

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Ryan Phillippe in 54 (1998)

Ryan Phillippe is seen shirtless early on in the movie. He has an amazing body. Then he wears tight 70s shorts which reveal a nice bulge. After seeing him shirtless for 30 minutes, we finally see his butt in a mirror as he is making love to a woman. In a following sex scene, Ryan leaves the bed and we get an amazing view of his very sexy butt. This scene alone is making worth buying the movie! Right after that, Ryan Phillippe is dressed as santa claus, a very very sexy santa claus!