image 5363

Jake Gyllenhaal in Love and Other Drugs (2010)

31 minutes in the movie, Jake Gyllenhaal is completely naked on a bed. He is hiding his penis with his leg. However, 2 minutes after, when he rolls over. We get a very brief view at his dick. Jake Gyllenhaal has a relatively long cut penis. 41 minutes in the movie, there is another sex scene where his girlfiend is performing oral sex, but we don't see anything as a sheet is covering the area. 91 minutes in the movie, Jake Gyllenhaal runs naked to the bathroom. We see his butt but it's off focus.

image 8368

Scott Cox, Matthew Bridges, Adam David and Luis Quiroz in The Stranger in Us (2010)

5 minutes in the movie, Raphael Barker is naked after making love to a hustler, but the picture is so dark around his genitalia that we can't see much.
15 minutes in the movie, Raphael Barker is picked up by Matthew Bridges. They make love and we see Matthew Bridges's butt when he leaves the bed.
33 minutes in the movie Raphael Barker and Scott Cox are making love. We see Scott Cox's thick cut dick and his butt when he leaves the bed.
66 minutes in the movie, Raphael Barker is naked in a shower with Adam David. We see both butts but there is a lot of steam.
87 minutes in the movie, we briefly see Luis Quiroz's butt as he leaves the bed after being caught making love with Adam David.

image 5780

Alain Delon in Shock Treatment (1973)

23 minutes in the movie there is a scene with a sauna. All men undress and we see their uncut dicks and butts as they walk around. Alain Delon is not one of them. Then they go swim naked in the ocean. Alain Delon who happens to walk on the beach joins them. We see from a distance Alain Delon dick flopping around as he runs towards the ocean. Then we clearly see Alain Delon's butt. Then he faces the camera and we see many views of his uncut dick that he is proudly showing. People were not as prude as today in the 70s!

image 8731

Patrick Martin and Simon Guitard in Mirrors (2007)

8 minutes in the movie, we see Simon Guitard's butt as he is making love to his girlfriend.
10 minutes in the movie, we see Patrick Martin naked in a lake. The water is mid level and he is facing the camera, so we can brielfy see his penis floating. Then when he exists the lake, we get a very good view at his butt.
The young Xavier Dolan provides a lot of shirtless views, but no nudity unfortunately.

image 7361

Ulysse Grosjean in Heat Wave (2011)

45 minutes in the movie, Ulysse Grosjean is taking a shower. Fortunately for us, the camera films everything, including his big thick uncut dick. It is filmed sideways, so we get to see both his dick and his butt.

image 1762

Enzo Cilenti in Wonderland (1999)

Enzo Cilenti is not afraid of showing his naked body. Throughout the movie, we can enjoy that. While he is fooling around in bed with his girlfriend, we can see his big and thick uncut dick. Impressive. Although his pubes are not trimmed which would have provided a clearer view of whole thing. The rest of the time, we see his body in general and his firm butt.

image 6294

Daniel Craig in Some Voices (2000)

70 minutes in the movie, Daniel Craig gets naked in the street and shows his body all around for many long seconds. Enough to get a complete view at his tone body, medium-sized uncut dick and muscular ass.

image 8674

John Ort and Gregory Marcel in Sun Kissed (2006)

This is quite a nice movie.
7 minutes in the movie, there are some nice bulge scenes in swim suit from John Ort and Gregory Marcel.
51 minutes in the movie, John Ort and Gregory Marcel undress and make love.
We first see John Ort's smooth butt.
Then we see Gregory Marcel's butt.
52 minutes in the movie, for a few frames, we see John Ort soft cut penis.
As they kiss more, his penis has grown hard!
We also see Gregory Marcel's balls.
69 minutes in the movie, we see Gregory Marcel's butt again.

image 7694

Gonzalo Heredia, Darío Tripicchio and Rafael Ferro in Night Watch (2005)

Gonzalo Heredia goes with Darío Tripicchio to a sauna. Over there, they shower next to each other, and we see both of them naked, front and back.
Darío Tripicchio has a large uncut dick and Gonzalo Heredia has a medium sized uncut dick with untrimmed pubes.
Later in the movie, Gonzalo Heredia gets in a bath and in bed with Rafael Ferro. Both of them are see fully naked in the bed.

image 8701

Matthew Rush in Third Man Out (2005)

55 minutes in the movie, Matthew Rush undresses. We first see his butt and then his dick in the mirror. Matthew Rush has a big cut dick and has also appeared in pornographic movies.