image 1656

Tom Hardy in Bronson (2008)

This very cute actor is playing a different kind of role here with Charles Bronson. Tom Hardy is naked for most part of the movie. Although painted in various colors, we can clearly see him naked in details for long period of times and admire his uncut dick.

image 2288

Colin Farrell in Triage (2009)

In this movie, there is one scene with Colin Farrell completely naked in his tub. We can see his big and long uncut dick lying on his thigh. There is no other nudity in the movie, but this scene is worth watching!

image 3693

Tom Cullen and Chris New in Weekend (2011)

Mid movie, Tom Cullen is seen naked in his bath tub. As he masturbates his big uncut dick the camera briefly flirts with it. We see Tom Cullen and Chris New's butts as they are making love 1 hour in the movie.

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Tristan Barr and Lucas Linehan in Monster Pies (2013)

33 minutes in the movie, Tristan Barr and Lucas Linehan undress to go swim but they stay in the underwear which will end up being all wet. We see more of their bulges when they get out of the pool.
46 minutes in the movie, Tristan Barr and Lucas Linehan are both naked in bed. We see both butts, which are quite nice.
47 minutes in the movie, we see Lucas Linehan naked in a shower.

image 2065

Kip Pardue in The Rules of Attraction (2002)

James Van Der Beek and Ian Somerhalder are the main actors in this movie. They may be seen in underwear but no frontal or rear nudity, so they cannot be listed here. Although they kiss each other, it's kind of hot! The only actors that shows real skin in Kip Pardue. It's very brief but he shows full frontal as well as rear nudity. It's during a short sequence that relates a trip to Europe. Things go very fast. The frontal is dark and shows him getting out of bed naked. We see him masturbating in the shower a couple of times but the camera only films above the waist. There are a couple of moments where we see his ass, one partial and one completely naked filmed from behind. Kip is a model from Armani and A&F, so he is a hot dude!

image 4028

Grant Cramer in Hardbodies (1984)

In this movie from 1984, there is one quick scene with front and rear nudity from Grant Cramer. As he gets out of bed naked, we get a quick glimpse at Grant Cramer's small cut cock and then at his nice butt. He is seen shirtless at several occasions in the movie, but that's the unique scene with real male nudity.

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Ryan Phillippe in Cruel Intentions (1999)

27 minutes in the movie, we see Ryan Phillippe's bubble butt as he is standing completely naked. No frontal from him, even when he is naked in the swimming pool but he is very hot in that movie.

image 6295

Christophe Malavoy in Peril (1985)

18 minutes in the movie, we see Christophe Malavoy's genitals below a woman's dress as she is sitting on him. Then the woman leaves and we see Christophe Malavoy sitting fully naked. His uncut penis is soft. He spends the whole scene naked. A few seconds later we see his uncut dick again and it is pretty thick. Later as he moves in the room, we see his butt too. 35 minutes in the movie, there is another naked scene with Christophe Malavoy.

image 7909

Russell Brand in RE:Brand (2002)

Russell Brand gets fully naked in a bath tub in episode 3 of this TV show. We first see his thich uncut dick popping out of his underwear. A few minutes later, Russell Brand removes his underwear, revealing his entire package. We get ample time to view Russell Brand fully naked.

image 7638

Benoît Delière, Johnny Amaro, Gaëtan Borg and Thibault Boucaux in Like a Brother (2005)

This is a great movie. Benoît Delière and Thibault Boucaux are watching a porn movie together which gets them excited. Thibault Boucaux goes to masturbate in the bathroom. We see him from behind, and we can admire Thibault Boucaux's butt.
21 minutes in the movie, we can see Benoît Delière's uncut penis. We can also see Gaëtan Borg's big and hard uncut penis as they are making love together.
32 minutes in the movie, we see Thibault Boucaux running, coming back from the sea in his swimsuit. As he does, we see his uncut penis dangling around in his swmisuit.
42 minutes in the movie, we see Benoît Delière and Thibault Boucaux kissing. It's very hot.
45 minutes in the movie, Benoît Delière is making love with Johnny Amaro. We see both of the naked.