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Billy Magnussen in Happy Tears (2009)

73 minutes in the movie, Billy Magnussen is getting in a house, drenched by the rain. He undresses and we see his toned body.
2 minutes after, he has nothing on him but his underwear, which magically disappears, revealing his big and thick dick.

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Julien Baumgartner in Le Plaisir de Chanter (2008)

Lorant Deutsch and Julien Baumgartner star in this movie. Julien Baumgartner is a handsome French actor who played in a number of movies, in particular "Sexy Boys" or "You'll Get Over It". In this movie, whose story is somewhat complicated, he plays a part of the movie completely naked. He clearly has nothing to be ashamed for!

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Alexander Doestch in Christopher and His Kind (2011)

Fifteen minutes in the movie, a young man called Ludo jumped out of bed naked and parades in the bedroom. We get a good view at his uncut dick and nice young butt. Later in the movie, we get a nice view all around and in details of Alexander Doetsch. He wears a speedo but does not remove it, so we only get to admire his body and bulge in the speedo. Later, Alexander Doestch gets naked and goes on the bed. We see his butt but no frontal.

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Jake Gyllenhaal in Jarhead (2005)

Jake Gyllenhaal finally gets naked! We had been waiting for a long time and did not get it with Brokeback Mountain. In Jarhead, there is very clear back nudity and dark front nudity. At the beginning of the movie, we see Jake having sex with a girl. We can see his back and ass and with the movements, we can clearly see his ball and thick dick flopping! Then there is a shower seen, unfortunately back lit, where Jake walks naked towards the camera. Finally there is a third naked scene, as Jake is naked wearing only a santa claus hat, actually 2 of them, one on his head, and the other one on his genitalia. During this scene, we can see his butt a lot as he is performing a sexy dance. We can even guess he has a hairy crack!

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Jonathan Watton in Maps to the Stars (2014)

26 minutes in the movie, Jonathan Watton is naked in bed making love to two women. When he leaves the bed, we see his butt. Then he sits in the chair and we see his penis. He then masturbates briefly watching the two women.

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Frank Ripploh and Bernd Broaderup in Taxi to the Toilet (1980)

Right at the beginning of the movie, Frank Ripploh is naked. We see his butt first, his hairy crack and hairy balls. Then a few minutes after, he shows us a great frontal of his uncut dick.
9 minutes in the movie, there is an interesting bathroom scene, as several guys are cruising the bathroom. We can see one guy's uncut penis. There is also a gloryhole with Frank Ripploh's stall and the next stall. The guy next stall is opening his butt chicks to reveal a hairy crack.
Another man comes next in that stall and puts his dick through the glory hole and we see Frank Ripploh touching it.
14 minutes in the movie, we see Frank Ripploh displaying his with a nice soft uncut dick, and putting a cock ring .
16 minutes in the movie, Frank Ripploh is getting a naked massage from Bernd Broaderup. After the massage, they hook up and we see bathing together and having sex.
30 minutes in the movie, Frank Ripploh is naked again, playing a a bed.
40 minutes in the movie, Frank Ripploh is hooking up with .... Frank Ripploh is hard, and we see the other guy sucking him. Then they 69, and we wee both uncut cocks hard.
There are also a few foot fetish scenes.
75 minutes in the movie, there is a watersport scene as Frank Ripploh is peeing in another guy's mouth.
80 minutes in the movie, Frank Ripploh is in drags.

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Jacob Matschenz in Beats Being Dead (2011)

In this movie, Jacob Matschenz ends up naked near a lake. First we see his butt when he undresses. Later when he escapes, we get a good view at his dick. He has a fairly long dick with a very long foreskin that is see hanging and flopping around as he runs.

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Michael Fassbender in Shame (2011)

Right at the beginning of the movie, Michael Fassbender is naked in bed. As he leaves bed, we get a quick glimpse at his penis.
Soon after, 2 minutes in the movie, Michael Fassbender walked naked in front of the camera and we get a clear good view at his big uncut penis. We also see his firm butt at that moment.
4 minutes in the movie, Michael Fassbender walks again naked in front of the camera. He is showing us a nice chubby, with his dick head starting to pop out of the foreskin.
5 minutes in the movie, we get a hot scene, filmed from behind of Michael Fassbender peeing and shaking his throbbing dick.
6 minutes in the movie, Michael Fassbender is jerking off in the shower, but we don't see much.
68 minutes in the movie, Michael Fassbender is making love to a woman. We see his muscled butt.