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James Floyd in Everywhere and Nowhere (2011)

James Floyd is first seen naked when he dresses down in a police station. At that time, we see his butt mostly although we can see parts of his dick in between his legs. In another scene he makes love to a woman. As he dresses down, we get a quick dark frontal, and later again when he leaves the bed. James Floyd has a massive uncut dick. We also see his butt briefly when he is making love.

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Hale Appleman, John Hensley and Ashley Springer in Teeth (2007)

This movie is somewhat of a horror movie focused on castrating guys. Jess Weixler's vagina has teeth that chops her boyfriends' dicks out. Hale Appleman, John Hensley and Ashley Springer all experience the same result. As they do, we can see their naked bodies. It's also somewhat of a comedy as John Hensley's chopped dick is portrayed with a P.A. piercing but ends up being eaten by his dog! All dicks are represented cut but since they are prosthesis, there is no way to determine the actors' circumcision statuses. There is also a gym locker room scene where we can see naked extras in the back, some of them very well endowed.

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Scott Gurney in The Fluffer (2001)

Scott Gurney is a gay-for-pay porn actor. Michael Cunio becomes his fluffer. We do not actually see Michael doing it though. Twenty minutes in the movie, Scott Gurney is making love to his girlfriend, and we get a good view at his butt. As they are shooting a porn scene, we see Scott Gurney walking naked towards Michael Cunio. It is a full frontal but his dick is so big, it is probably a prosthetic. The fluffing scenes are pretty hot.

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Wes Ramsey and Steve Sandvoss in Latter Days (2003)

A great movie! Very moving and captivating. Wes Ramsey plays an open gay guy and Steve Sandvoss plays a religious person. They meet and end up falling in love. The movie starts with a sex scene between Wes Ramsey and a random person. We get to see Wes muscular torso. Later in the movie, Wes falls and hurts himself. Steve applies a bandaid on Wes naked cheek. We get to see Wes butt cheeks as he is wearing a jock strap. Then he stands with nothing but his jock strap on his bed. What a view! They then are caught kissing and Steve has to leave. They end up meeting at an airport and go to a hotel. They make love intensely. We see both of them naked, and if you are careful you can see both Wes and Steve dicks as they move. After they spend the night making love in talking, Wes wakes in the morning and Steve is already gone. When Wes goes to the bathroom naked, we can see his dick in the mirror and from behind flopping in between his legs. It is huge!!! Like a third leg! Watch the movie to see how the story develops!