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Alexis Arquette, Craig Chester, Michael Stock, Eric Dekker, Mark Ewert, Daniel Boyle and Michael Gunther in Frisk (1995)

Craig Chester is the first showing nudity. We see his butt as he being undressed. We see his butt again in a next scene as he is looking at himself in a mirror, with his pants down. And again when his guest, Michael Gunther hits his butt with his fist. In that scene, Michael Gunther shows us a full frontal. He has a medium size cut dick. Later there is a S&M scene and we can see Craig Chester's butt again. Mid-movie, Michael Gunther meets with Eric Dekker and offers him $180 to see his ass. He agrees, and we see a full frontal from him. Later we finally see Michael Stock naked, but from behind as he goes get a shower. The next one is Alexis Arquette. He plays a junkie. He shows us a nice full frontal. He is a very big cut dick. Then Michael Gunther shoves a bill in Alexis Arquette's pretty butt. His next victim is Mark Ewert. We also get a full frontal from him. He has a nice uncut dick. The last one to be nude is Daniel Boyle. He has a pretty good sized cut dick.

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Matt Riddlehoover in Watch Out (2008)

We see Matt Riddlehoover naked from the beginning of the movie on. He loves his body, and so do we! 16 minutes in the movie, we see a video that Matt Riddlehoover made of himself showering. The video quality is low but we see he has a big cut dick. Then we see him getting out the shower after the recording, and we get a clear view at his penis and low hanging balls. We get to view them again at length. Matt Riddlehoover makes love to a plastic doll that has his own picture taped to it. That's how much he loves himself. 35 minutes in the movie, we see Matt Riddlehoover fully erect, masturbating and ejaculating in a bathroom sink. Very hot!

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Joe Dallesandro and John Putnam in Trash (1970)

For the first 10 minutes of the movie, Joe Dallesandro is naked. We first see his bubble butt and then his big circumcised dick. No need to pause the movie, as there are a full 10 minutes of full frontal and rear nudity. His dick is then half erect.
His pubes are untrimed and somewhat bushy.
25 minutes in the movie, a girl takes Joe Dallesandro's cock out of his underwear and we see his butt again 28 minutes in the movie as he is making love to the girl.
39 minutes in the movie, we see John Putnam's butt and dick. He is also circumcised. His pubes are extremely bushy.
50 minutes in the movie, Joe Dallesandro is taking a bath for 8 minutes and we can admire his body at length. There is a girl in the bathroom with him that find his dick "rather large".
66 minutes in the movie, we see Joe Dallesandro's dick again for 4 minutes and finally at the last minute of the movie again.

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Johan Libéreau and Pierre Perrier in Cold Showers (2005)

In this French movie, Johan Libéreau and Pierre Perrier are both playing martial arts and involved with the same girl. A threesome will happen and after that an erotic shower scene where the two teenagers will be showering naked one next to another for our benefit.

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João Gabriel Vasconcellos and Rafael Cardoso in From Beginning to End (2009)

40 minutes in the movie, João Gabriel Vasconcellos and Rafael Cardoso meet and undress. They strip until they are completely naked and move towards each other until their dicks touch. Rafael Cardoso has actually a longer dick than João Gabriel Vasconcellos. Both are pretty thick and uncut. After that scene, 46 minutes in the movie, they are in bed, and start making love. We see Rafael Cardoso's cute bubble butt. Right after, Rafael Cardoso is shaving while João Gabriel Vasconcellos is taking a shower. We get a good and clear view at João Gabriel Vasconcellos's big dick. 67 minutes in the movie, João Gabriel Vasconcellos and Rafael Cardoso dance naked together. We see their butts mostly.

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James Buckley, Joe Thomas and Simon Bird in The Inbetweeners Movie (2011)

James Buckley is in swimming shorts by a pool when a kid pulls his shorts down. James quickly covers his genitals, but in the meanwhile we can see his very nice uncut dick. His pubic hair is trimmed funny to form an arrow pointing to his penis. He clearly wants the attention! At the end of that scene, we also see James Buckley's butt but his ass is off-focus. Joe Thomas has a scene where is forced to strip down and remove his swim trunk. As he does, he covers his genitals in his hand. We get a good view at his butt. In another scene, we get to see Joe Thomas's butt again when he removes his clothes at night to go swim. Simon Bird also has a scene where he strips in front of a girl. We only get to see Simon Bird's ass in that scene and again when he falls naked on a guy making love.

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Romain Duris in Russian Dolls (2005)

40 minutes in the movie, Romain Duris is crossed dressing. Overall we see him shirtless in many scenes of the movie. There is only one scene with full frontal and rear nudity. 74 minutes in the movie, Romain Duris is naked, chasing his girlfriend. We see his butt and also his long cut penis flopping around as he runs.