image 4001

Matthew Goode and Laurence Fox in South from Granada (2003)

In a scene, Matthew Goode is naked with a woman. We get a good view at his big and thick uncut dick. Very impressive. His pubic hair is also quite bushy for a blonde, and visibly not trimmed. In another scene he is naked in bed, and when he leaves the bed, we get a good view at his hairless bubble butt. There is also a scene at the beach, where Matthew Goode and Laurence Fox both go naked to the ocean. We see both butts as they run and jump into the waves. However it is filmed from a distance.

image 3958

Brendan Price in Naughty Wives (1974)

Brendan Price has a nice butt. We see it from the beginning of the movie. There is also a clearer scene, as he is having sex and someone walks in on them. Brendan rapidly leaves the bed to dress up. We see his nice smooth butt and also his balls hanging in between. Later as they are filming a sex scene, Brendan Price shows us a nice frontal. His dick is not erect but is nice and uncut. There is plenty of rear nudity throughout these sex scenes. There is another quick frontal scene as Brendan Price suddenly leaves his bed.

image 8606

Gilles Marini in Sex and the City (2008)

Gilles Marini appears naked several times in the movie.
30 minutes in the movie, we first see his butt.
87 minutes in the movie, he has a hot undressing scene but without frontal or rear nudity.
112 minutes in the movie, he has another sex scene with 2 women, but again without full nudity.
However, 121 minutes in the movie, we get great rear nudity and then a quick full frontal of Gilles Marini of his huge uncut penis.

image 3916

Alberto Ferreiro in Paco's Men (2005)

In this TV show, Alberto Ferreiro has a short scene where he plays naked. He is naked, drying clothes, when someone walks in. We have a very nice view at his bubble butt and a quick partial dick shot shortly after. A very nice body that we enjoy watching, especially as he is embarrassed being naked.

image 3761

Wayne Virgo, Daniel Brocklebank, Oliver Park and Garry Summers in Release (2010)

Garry Summers is seen naked at the very beginning of the movie. He is in bed with Daniel Brocklebank. We first see Garry Summers' uncut penis as he rushes out of the bed and then his butt as he dresses up. A few minutes later, we see Daniel Brocklebank's long uncut penis and butt as he is taking a shower. In the next 10 minutes there are several scenes of Garry Summers and Daniel Brocklebank naked and making love. 30 minutes in the movie, there is a group shower scene where Wayne Virgo is seen showering. His uncut dick is semi erect. Follows a fight with a bunch of naked guys, all of them uncut. On the them, Oliver Park, is very pretty with a big uncut dick. The scene is however very violent.

image 8625

Andrew Rannells in Girls (2013)

Andrew Rannells is getting naked in episode 1 of season 2. He is undressing and making love to a girl on a couch.
As he does, we get a good view at his butt.

image 8656

Sinan Hancili in The Visitor (2011)

3 minutes in the movie, Sinan Hancili is taking a shower. We his butt at first, and then his penis as he turns around. Sinan Hancili has a big cut dick.

image 3693

Tom Cullen and Chris New in Weekend (2011)

Mid movie, Tom Cullen is seen naked in his bath tub. As he masturbates his big uncut dick the camera briefly flirts with it. We see Tom Cullen and Chris New's butts as they are making love 1 hour in the movie.

image 8632

Wolfram Schorlemmer in Westerland (2012)

14 minutes in the movie, Wolfram Schorlemmer is getting a shower. The scene is hot but we don't see his penis nor butt.
72 minutes in the movie, Wolfram Schorlemmer is practising karate in a bathroom. He then drops his underwear, and is totally naked. We see his butt and then his uncut dick and low hanging balls. This scene is very hot, as we see his dick and balls bouncing around!
82 minutes in the movie, we see Wolfram Schorlemmer naked again as he dresses up. We get another amazing view as his huge balls hanging low below his thighs.

image 6735

Mark Cirillo and Eric Parker Bingham in The Seminarian (2010)

We see Mark Cirillo naked at the very beginning of the movie, and towards the end of the movie. He is hung !!! He has a long and thick circumcised dick. Eric Parker Bingham is also circumcised and we briefly see his dick during a webcam session he has with Mark Cirillo.