image 1196

Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis in Twelve Monkeys (1995)

In this movie, we get to see back nudity from both Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis is seen naked when getting washed by a hose. Brad Pitt dropping his PJ down before being chased by the nurses. Since there is no frontal view, circumcision status is not visible for either of them. However it is known for Brad Pitt from paparazzi shots, and for Bruce Willis from another movie.

image 1870

Israel Rodriguez in Clandestinos (2007)

At first there is an unidentied naked guy in a shower. We can see his white butt. Then he exits the shower and we can see his dick. After their escape, we see Israel Rodriguez shower. He has an amazing big uncut dick. After dinner he drops his towel and we have a clear view of his butt. Israel is gay in the movie. He sleeps with the old man he is staying at. In the morning as he leaves the bed, we have another frontal view.

image 8627

Jonathan Williams, Eric Dean and Joseph Richardson in Zombies (2003)

7 minutes in the movie, Eric Dean is in bed with Draven Gonzalez. We see Eric Dean's butt.
Within that scene, there are flash backs, in which we see Jonathan Williams fully naked. He has a big and thick cut cock as well as his butt.
56 minutes in the movie, we see Joseph Richardson, after he gets out of the shower, as he dresses back up.
68 minutes in the movie, we see again Jonathan Williams's ass.

image 8632

Wolfram Schorlemmer in Westerland (2012)

14 minutes in the movie, Wolfram Schorlemmer is getting a shower. The scene is hot but we don't see his penis nor butt.
72 minutes in the movie, Wolfram Schorlemmer is practising karate in a bathroom. He then drops his underwear, and is totally naked. We see his butt and then his uncut dick and low hanging balls. This scene is very hot, as we see his dick and balls bouncing around!
82 minutes in the movie, we see Wolfram Schorlemmer naked again as he dresses up. We get another amazing view as his huge balls hanging low below his thighs.

Mike Vogel's face

Adam Demos and Mike Vogel in Sex/Life (2021)

These scenes are from season 1 episode 3.

1 minute in the episode, we see Mike Vogel masturbating. There is no full frontal, just his facial expression.
3 minutes in the episode, he is taking a shower and we see his butt when he leaves the shower.

7 minutes in the episode, we get a great view of Adam Demos' butt. Very detailed, we can see the little bit of butt hair he got.

image 8614

Joe Sykes and Drew Moerlein in V/H/S (2012)

23 minutes in the movie, Joe Sykes gets naked at a motel. For the next few minutes we see him naked, and although the camera is shaking a lot, we see his butt and uncut dick.
66 minutes in the movie, Drew Moerlein is undressing to go swim in a lake. We only see his butt.

image 7406

Florian Frin in Wild (2007)

Florian Frin shows us everything in this movie. He is obviously not shy to show his 6-pack and his nice uncut dick. Or again his cute firm butt that we can admire in the shower or outdoors.