image 5068

Vincent Perez in Queen Margot (1994)

50 minutes in the movie, Vincent Perez is wounded, and as they remove his clothes, we get a good view at his sweet uncut dick and lean butt. 95 minutes in the movie, there is a love scene with Vincent Perez, and we see his bubble butt and then his penis with a clean full frontal after his leaves the bed.

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Adrian Quinonez and James Wortham in Now & Later (2009)

James Wortham is first seen naked on a root top as a girl sucks him. We see his erect cut dick. He seems to be getting real good pleasure from it. It seems that the relationship is not faked. Later he undresses in front of the same girl. He is then soft. Then the girl briefly masturbates him, and he is hard again. Then she puts a condom on his dick and they make love. There is a third scene, where she undresses him. He is semi-hard in that scene. There is a fourth scene, where she gets out of the shower. He is then already erect. Overall a lot of nudity from James Wortham, with real sex acts. Towards the end of the movie, Adrian Quinonez joins them. He is then found naked on the bed. We briefly see his dick as he is lying down. They start a threesome, as they are all naked. James Wortham ends up touching Adrian Quinonez, and we see Adrias is fully erect at that time. He seems to be cut. There is then a last scene at the end between James Wortham and the girl. He is again erect with a condom on.

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Daniel Newman in Endgame (2001)

In this Thriller, Daniel Newman playing a sex slave, appears completely naked. There is a vibrant shower scene with full view of his uncut dick.

image 8808

Eric Debets and Jonathan Blanc in Hollywood, je t'aime (2009)

6 minutes in the movie, Jonathan Blanc is being fucked by Donovan McGrath. We see his butt at the end of the scene.

49 minutes in the movie, there is a hot kiss scene between Eric Debets and Scott Romstadt.

50 minutes in the movie, we see Eric Debets' pubes and the beginning of this dick.

83 minutes in the movie, we see Eric Debets' impressive uncut dick, and then his butt as he turns around. There is ample time to see his dick as he wanders around naked in the house.

image 3450

Dennis W. Rittenhouse Jr., Jeff Sublett and Michael Haboush in Issues 101 (2002)

The first guy we see naked is Dennis W. Rittenhouse Jr. We see his butt at several occasions throughout the movie, and we also see his covered frontal at the beginning of the movie. Michael Haboush shows us a nice frontal while changing clothes after sport. He is clearly not shy of his nice body and cut dick. Jeff Sublett plays Michael Rozman's boyfriend and has one scene naked where we can see his butt partially.

image 1968

Matthew Lillard and Freddy Prinze Jr. in Summer Catch (2001)

No frontal in this movie but we get to see the butts of both Freddie Prinze Jr and Matthew Lillard. Freddie Prinze Jr reveals his butt wearing a thong. We see him running in a field and then when he is in the locker room. We see Freddie swimming and shirtless at several occasions too. A very nice body. Matthew Lillard gets naked on the beach and hides his frontal with an inflatable. What is also interesting is later in the movie when he wears a simple speedo. That speedo is packed! We can also notice a very significant bulge at the beginning in the movie when he is wearing a baseball outfit. So clearly Matthew Lillard is very well endowed. Too bad he does not show us the whole deal!

image 3882

Jesse Birdsall in Annika (1984)

In this TV series, Jesse Birdsall appears completely naked. He takes all this clothes off to enter a sauna. We have a quick but good frontal at this nice uncut cock. When he enters the sauna and later jumps into a lake, we also get a good view at his nice young butt. His check with a tidbit of hair is also quite hot.

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Jonathan Gavin in Puberty Blues (2014)

24 minutes in episode 1 of season 2, Jonathan Gavin is wearing nothing but a t-shirt. He is in a kitchen along with the handsome Sean Keenan.
Sean Keenan is trying hard not to stare at Jonathan Gavin's dick. We first see Jonathan Gavin's butt as he walking into the kitchen. Then we see his uncut penis as the camera films from the other side of the kitchen.

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Jesse Hewit, Ben Evans, Ferrin Solano, Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos Jr, Brontez Purnell and Keith Hennessy in I Want Your Love (2012)

Jesse Hewit is known in the movie as Jesse Metzger.
Ben Evans is known in the movie as Ben Jasper.
Keith Hennessy is known in the movie as Keith McDonald.

9 minutes in the movie, we see Jesse Metzger giving a blow job to Ben Jasper.
We see Jesse Metzger's butt and Ben Jasper's erect cut penis.
The scene does not seem to be simulated. Ben Jasper ends up cumming big with 6 shots and more cum dripping!
Then we also see Jesse Metzger's big cut penis, as he is jerking off and then as Ben Jasper sucks him.

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Alan Ramírez, Gabino Rodríguez, Iván Álvarez, Emilio von Sternerfels, Hugo Catalán and Gerardo Del Razo in I Am Happiness on Earth (2014)

21 minutes in the movie, we see a nice bulge from Alan Ramírez's underwear.
25 minutes in the movie, we see Alan Ramírez's uncut penis as he is lying on a bed, sleeping.
43 minutes in the movie, we see Alan Ramírez's butt, as he is on a bed, his pants down.
49 minutes in the movie, we see another nice bulge in Alan Ramírez's underwear. He seems to be erect in that scene.