image 369

Michael Vartan in One Hour Photo (2002)

In this movie, Robin Williams becomes obsessed by a family and starts stalking them. One day, he barges in their hotel room and finds them naked. Michael Vartan is then fully exposed!

image 2130

Gabriel Garko in Senso '45 (2002)

One can tell that Gabriel Garko is a model. This Italian has an amazing body and he is flirting with us during the whole movie. We clearly get in this movie what we came for. We see every piece of him in great details. There is one scene where he gets naked and goes swimming in the ocean. The scene runs in slow motion so that we can admire his nice and long uncut dick. As he fools around in the ocean after that, we see his balls and dick flopping around in the water.

image 7156

Anton Thompson Coon in Almost 18 (2012)

In these short movies, Anton Thompson Coon's first movie, he shows us the whole deal. As he is in the shower, we get to see his big uncut dick with water dripping all over his body as well as his nice bubble butt.

image 7481

Marco Bechis in Garage Olimpo (1999)

45 minutes in the movie, Marco Bechis is pushed in a hallway, naked and handcuffed. We can see his uncut dick dangling around. In the next scene he is tied naked to a table and we can clearly see his uncut penis. 51 minutes in the movie, someone enters his torture cell and we can again see his penis from a different angle.

image 8760

Harrison Gilbertson in My Mistress (2014)

Harrison Gilbertson is first seen naked 27 minutes in this movie.
We see Harrison Gilbertson's butt as he is jerking off in the shower. We very brielfy see the tip of his dick as he is jerking off. He appears to be uncut.

49 minutes in the movie, we see Harrison Gilbertson's butt as he is swimming naked.

image 1281

Christopher Atkins in A Night in Heaven (1983)

In this cute movie from the 80s, 22 year old Chris Atkins shows us everything, including a zoomed-in rub of his dick that gets harder in front of our eyes. We can see every details of his thick penis!

image 4952

Raife Patrick Burchell in Morvern Callar (2002)

This movie is mostly about women. However 1 hour in the movie, a woman is dancing with Raife Patrick Burchell when she decides to pull his underwear down. We see his butt first, and then as he continues to dance, we briefly see his nice uncut penis.

image 8731

Patrick Martin and Simon Guitard in Mirrors (2007)

8 minutes in the movie, we see Simon Guitard's butt as he is making love to his girlfriend.
10 minutes in the movie, we see Patrick Martin naked in a lake. The water is mid level and he is facing the camera, so we can brielfy see his penis floating. Then when he exists the lake, we get a very good view at his butt.
The young Xavier Dolan provides a lot of shirtless views, but no nudity unfortunately.