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Brendan Hines in Ordinary Sinner (2001)

16 minutes in the movie, Brendan Hines gets undressed. He is ashamed because he has too much hair (according to him). We see his pubic hair which is untrimmed, and then we see his butt while the camera is very close to it.

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Sean Harris in A Lonely Place to Die (2011)

Sean Harris is seen naked in a very short scene where is he is throwned naked into a grave. We can however see his nice body and his dick. Sean Harris has a circumcised penis, which is rather long. His balls (we see the right one) seem to be big.

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Petr Vanek, Petr Lnenicka, Krystof Rímský, Petr Stach, Andrej Polák and Michal Novotný in Tobruk (2008)

In this movie, there is a very hot shower scene were all the guys are naked. We get good frontals from Petr Vanek, who has a long uncut dick with a thick head. Petr Lnenicka also has a big uncut penis. The largest penis is however Krystof Rímský's. Krystof Rímský is absolutely huge. Petr Stach on the other hand has a more modest uncut dick. Andrej Polák has a decent size uncut dick and can be seen only for a few seconds as he moves behind the other guys. Michal Novotný is in the same situation and is nice uncut dick can be seen in between the other actors. When they dry up, we see Michal's butt.

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Toby Hemingway in The Covenant (2006)

We get to see this group of young guys at the swimming pool. A lot of nudity in the showers but none that we can really distinguish, except for Toby Hemingway. We can see his butt as he walks down the locker room. It's interesting to see that Chace Crawford is also in the movie, but no nudity from him below the waist. Just a great hairless body and an angel's face.

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Artem Mishin and Ben Bonenfant in Strapped (2010)

13 minutes in the movie, we see Artem Mishin naked. He is lying on his belly after having been fucked, so we first see his firm butt. Then he rolls over, unveiling his big balls and uncut dick.
At that point in the movie, Ben Bonenfant was only seen shirtless.
59 minutes in the movie, we see part of his butt and his pubes.

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Rupert Graves and James Wilby in Maurice (1987)

James Wilby and Hugh Grant are lovers. We see them kissing from the beginning of the movie. One hour in the movie, there is an interesting locker room scene after a boxing game. Some guys are naked and playing in the shower area. They have nice and big uncut dicks. 1 hour 40 minutes in the movie, Rupert Graves and James Wilby are making love. They do it again 2 hours in the movie. At that time, we can finally see real nudity. We see Rupert Grave thick uncut cock and nice butt. James Wilby is sitting naked, facing the camera, but the picture is rather dark then and it's hard to distinguish his penis.

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Jason Behr in The Tattooist (2007)

Right at the beginning of the movie, Jason Behr is naked and walks towards a window. As he does we see his firm butt. Jason Behr has an amazing body overall that we get to admire further throughout the movie, especially 42 minutes in the movie.

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Josh Hartnett in 40 Days and 40 Nights (2002)

Josh Hartnett does not show any front nudity but we get some quick rear nudity from him in this movie. When he is in bed with a girl, he fakes ejaculating and hides away from bed. He fights with her to get the bed cover and while he does that, we get to see part of his butt. Josh has a great body, and we get to see his amazing torso along the movie. He is not shy about that. We will hopefully get a nice full frontal from him soon!

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Alain Delon in Shock Treatment (1973)

23 minutes in the movie there is a scene with a sauna. All men undress and we see their uncut dicks and butts as they walk around. Alain Delon is not one of them. Then they go swim naked in the ocean. Alain Delon who happens to walk on the beach joins them. We see from a distance Alain Delon dick flopping around as he runs towards the ocean. Then we clearly see Alain Delon's butt. Then he faces the camera and we see many views of his uncut dick that he is proudly showing. People were not as prude as today in the 70s!