image 8756

Alfie Allen and Gethin Anthony in Game of Thrones (2011)

Alfie Allen is naked 16 minutes in episode 5 of season 1.
He proudly shows us his massive uncut dock. As his fellow actress says, he is a "serious boy with a serious cock".

Later in the episode, we get a partial butt shot of Gethin Anthony, after he gets a complete shave from his boyfriend Finn Jones.

image 8046

Jonathan Groff in Twelve Thirty (2010)

20 minutes in the movie, Jonathan Groff undresses in front of the camera. Although the scene is hot, we see his hot abs, but no full nudity at that time.
Just a minute later, 21 minutes in the movie, Jonathan Groff walks bare naked in front of the camera for a full 30 seconds. His cut dick and balls are bouncing around. This is an amazing movie scene. Now we all know what Zachary Quinto wakes up next to.
83 minutes in the movie, Jonathan Groff gets naked again with another woman. We don't see as much. We see Jonathan Groff's butt but his penis and balls are kept in the woman's hand in that scene.

image 8690

Joe Gosling in Dream On (2013)

Joe Gosling is getting naked 13 minutes in the movie to go swim. We see his butt and also his uncut dick and balls, hanging in between his legs.

image 1218

James Franco in Whatever It Takes (2000)

In this movie, James Franco wears nothing but a thong. So he is not really naked, but a thong is not much, so we thought we should include this movie here. Seeing him tied to a bed, arms and legs spread away, with his trimmed armpits, his amazing hairless body, and his packed thong is a view you will not forget. James Franco indicated in an interview that he was uncut, so the circumcision status has been updated based on this information.

image 6481

Ronnie Kroell, Jesse Archer and Jake Steel in Into the Lion's Den (2011)

At the beginning of the movie, we get full frontal nudity of Jake Steel. He is fully erect and shows us proudly his big cut dick. Towards the end of the movie, we finally see Ronnie Kroell's big cut dick at various angles. He is nice and big! We also briefly see Jesse Archer's penis a little while before Ronnie's. It seems Jesse Archer first has a prosthetic penis but then we can see parts of his smaller cut dick.

image 8670

Fab Filippo, Randy Harrison, Justin Tensen, Gale Harold, Robert Gant, Harris Allan, Trevor Hardy, Peter Paige, Hal Sparks and Scott Lowell in Queer as Folk (2002)

2 minutes in episode 1, we see Fab Filippo's pubes and butt. Then we see his hairy butt crack and in briefly in between his legs what appears to be a sock on his dick.
3 minutes in episode 1, on one frame we see Randy Harrison's dick.
41 minutes in episode 1, we see Justin Tensen naked. We briefly see his balls and uncut dick, and then his nice butt. We also see Gale Harold's butt.

42 minutes in episode 2, there are naked extras with full frontal.

image 4091

Roger Coma, Naím Thomas and Sergi López in Caresses (1998)

Roger Coma has an amazing butt. Really very very nice curves, and a little bit of hair which make it really sexy. We also see his dick but very briefly. Its size is regular and it is uncut. We have a long view at his butt as he is giving a blow job to an older man. Naím Thomas is a sexy young man. He has a nice uncut dick that we can distinguish under the water as he is taking a bath. Sergi López plays Naim's dad and they end up taking a bath together. Naím Thomas complains that his penis is smaller than Sergi López's, but our screen captures differ with that assessment!

image 8617

Florent Gouelou in Belle salope (2010)

In this short movie, Florent Gouelou starts the movie naked being spanked. We see his butt, red from spanking. Then as he leaves we see his low hanging big balls and briefly his big uncut dick.