image 4489

Alexander Fehling and August Diehl in If Not Us, Who? (2011)

Alexander Fehling is seen dressing down in front of a woman. As he gets completely naked, the camera is positioned so that we cannot see his penis. In another scene he gets out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist and then drops the towel and gets on the bed naked. We briefly see his butt when he does that, but cannot see any penis hanging. Again in another scene where he makes love to a woman, we only get to see his butt, with more clarity this time. His butt is smooth. There is finally a scene where we can very briefly see his dick and pubes. He is waking naked behind a glass door. There are a few frames where we see his fairly long uncut dick and later his untrimmed pubes. There is finally a long scene (1 min 30) with August Diehl completely naked in the backyard. He has a thin uncut dick and a nice white butt.


Janne Puustinen in A Moment in the Reeds (2017)

This movie is a ridiculous pro-migrant propaganda movie, where a Finnish boy falls in love with a Syrian migrant, while dealing with his xenophobic dad.
The boy ends up having sex (bottom and eventually top) with the Syrian migrant.

46 minutes in the movie, we see Janne Puustinen's butt and 48 minutes in the movie we see Janne Puustinen's uncut penis.
The view is brief.

image 8682

Emile Charles and Carsten Norgaard in The Fruit Machine (1988)

83 minutes in the movie, Emile Charles is getting naked to go swim with the dolphins. We see his butt and his uncut dick before he jumps in the water, and then again abundantly when he is swimming under water for several minutes.
86 minutes in the movie, a dolphin is morphing into Carsten Norgaard and we see his butt.

image 8816

Chad Connell and David Cameron in Steel (2015)

40 minutes in the movie, Chad Connell and David Cameron are getting naked.
We see both butts.

72 minutes in the movie, Chad Connell is getting out of bed while naked. We see his circumcised penis and big balls.

77 minutes in the movie, Chad Connell and David Cameron are naked in bed and we see both butts again.

92 minutes in the movie, Chad Connell and David Cameron are swimming naked in a lake, and then we see them sunbathing in the nude. We only see their butts.

image 7428

William Fichtner and Desmond Askew in Go (1999)

9 minutes in the movie, Timothy Olyphant is shirtless and when he bends over, we see his butt crack. 46 minutes in the movie, we see Desmond Askew's butt as he is running naked in a hallway. His butt is somewhat flat. 65 minutes in the movie, Scott Wolf is only wearing his underwear. We get to see close-up views of his nice bulge. 74 minutes in the movie, William Fichtner is naked. We see his butt at first and then when he dresses up, we get to see his balls and dick in between his legs. William Fichtner is circumcised.

image 6294

Daniel Craig in Some Voices (2000)

70 minutes in the movie, Daniel Craig gets naked in the street and shows his body all around for many long seconds. Enough to get a complete view at his tone body, medium-sized uncut dick and muscular ass.

image 799

Joe Dempsie in Skins (2007)

This British Channel 4 TV show is pretty good, especially season 1. It describes the turbulent lives of British teenagers. The screenshots are from season 1, episode 4, where Joe Dempsie is fully naked.

image 2707

Justin Timberlake in Friends with Benefits (2011)

Justin Timberlake is seen naked as he is having sex with Mila Kunis. In a first scene, he undresses and we can see his butt, although dark. He is seen undressed in several other scenes. Justin has an amazing body. In a following scene, we see his butt very clearly as he rushes to the bathroom. As a woman walks on Justin having sex with Mila, we see him naked again. There is one frame, where we can see Justin's dick before he puts his underwear on. He appears to have a fairly long cut dick.

image 4051

Mark McGann in The Manageress (1989)

In this TV show, there is a lot of nudity. The scenes in the locker rooms and showers are filmed without censorship. One of the main actors that shows us everything is Mark McGann. He gets naked in front of the manageress, showing us his butt as the camera is filming from behind. Later as he gets into a hot tub, we see him getting in, and we see his uncut dick and balls as he steps in the tub.

image 6837

Pierre Moure and Valentijn Dhaenens in The Long Falling (2011)

71 minutes in the movie, Pierre Moure and Valentijn Dhaenens are both naked in bed. We see their bubble butts for several seconds. When Valentijn Dhaenens leaves the bed, we can see his hairy balls in between his legs and the very tip of his uncut dick. When Pierre Moure dresses up, we can see his pubic hair and no so much what is hidden in his untrimmed pubic hair.