image 8605

Guillermo Villegas, Jorge Becerra and Javier Olivan in Raging Sun, Raging Sky (2009)

22 minutes in the movie, Guillermo Villegas is getting naked to make love to a woman. We see his nice bubble butt and briefly his uncut dick.
24 minutes in the movie, we get a good view at Guillermo Villegas' ass crack, which is slightly hairy, as the woman pulls his butt cheeks apart.

45 minutes in the movie, we see Jorge Becerra's large cut dick as he is having casual gay sex.

47 minutes in the movie, Guillermo Villegas is naked on the beach. We see his nice uncut dick as well as his butt as he is climbing a hill.

image 3308

James Duval and Dewey Weber in The Doom Generation (1995)

Fifteen minutes in the movie, after an intense tension between James Duval and Johnathon Schaech, we see James Duval getting naked in the bathroom. We see his butt and his ball at length. James Duval has a very nice hairy crack and butt. Johnathon Schaech watches James Duval make love in the tub, and jerks himself off to completion. We only see the result on his hand, that he eats up! Towards the end of the movie, Dewey Weber is completely naked, wearing nothing but a sock on his cock and balls.

image 7277

Cameron Monaghan, William H. Macy, Taylor Kinney, Zach McGowan, Jeremy Allen White, Steve Howey, Thierre Di Castro and Harry Hamlin in Shameless Season 2 (2012)

In episode 1, we see Cameron Monaghan getting out of the shower. We cannot see much besides his hot torso and body overall. In episode 3, we see William H. Macy's butt. In episode 3, we also see Taylor Kinney's nice bubble butt. In episode 3, we also get a full frontal and rear from Zach McGowan. Zach McGowan has a huge cut dick. We first see it from a distance at multiple occasions and then a big close-up. In episode 4, we see Zach McGowan's butt again. We also see Jeremy Allen White's butt as he is making love to a girl. We also see Cameron Monaghan hot body by the pool. In episode 5, we see Zach McGowan's butt again as he is getting oral sex from a girl. We also see Steve Howey's butt. In episode 7, we see Zach McGowan's butt again and his hairy butt crack. In episode 11, Thierre Di Castro is fully naked, and we can see his hot body and hairless butt at all angles. No frontal unfortunately! In episode 11, Cameron Monaghan appears fully naked. There is a very distant frontal and a lot of clear butt shots. He is naked with Harry Hamlin, whose butt we also see in that scene.

image 8800

Jack O'Connell in Starred Up (2013)

Right at the beginning of the movie, Jack O'Connell is inspected by the jail guards. He is completely naked, we see his uncut dick and his firm butt.

41 minutes in the movie, we briefly see his butt.

63 minutes in the movie, Jack O'Connell is attacked while taking a shower. We get a long and great view at his dick and balls.

image 6294

Daniel Craig in Some Voices (2000)

70 minutes in the movie, Daniel Craig gets naked in the street and shows his body all around for many long seconds. Enough to get a complete view at his tone body, medium-sized uncut dick and muscular ass.

image 157

Jason Ritter in The Education of Charlie Banks (2007)

In this movie, Jason Ritter, the lead actor of NBC's show "The Event", plays with Jesse Eisenberg, the now superstar of movie "The Social Network" where he played Mark Zuckerberg. In "The Education of Charlie Banks", Jason Ritter is seen buck naked while going naked in a jacuzzi with Jesse Eisenberg. On top of this, during a scene with Jesse, he gets a hard-on and reveals a huge bulge. He obviously was not wearing any underwear.


Wes Bentley in American Beauty (1999)

Wes Bentley is a teen in this movie that gets in trouble with his homophobic gay dad, who believes Wes is having an affair with his neighbor Kevin Spacey. This movie is a must see. Wes is seen naked with partial butt shot.

image 8638

Paul McGann in The Rainbow (1989)

Paul McGann is naked first 84 minutes in the movie. He is naked in a bedroom. We see him from the back, so only his butt.
Then 100 minutes in the movie, Paul McGann is running naked in a forest. We see his butt and also his dick and balls moving around as he is running.