image 2130

Gabriel Garko in Senso '45 (2002)

One can tell that Gabriel Garko is a model. This Italian has an amazing body and he is flirting with us during the whole movie. We clearly get in this movie what we came for. We see every piece of him in great details. There is one scene where he gets naked and goes swimming in the ocean. The scene runs in slow motion so that we can admire his nice and long uncut dick. As he fools around in the ocean after that, we see his balls and dick flopping around in the water.

image 8639

Reid Ewing and Bryan Callen in 10 Rules for Sleeping Around (2013)

25 minutes in the movie, Reid Ewing is naked in a living room. He has a great body. We briefly see his pubes and then his butt when he leaves the room.
33 and 34 minutes in the movie, we see Reid Ewing's butt again as he is naked in the back yard. He is hiding is penis with a cushion, but he is not doing a very good job and we can briefly see his dick.
37 minutes in the movie, a dog attacks his cushion, and we briefly see his penis again.
40 minutes in the movie, the dog is licking Reid Ewing's butt! We see Reid Ewing's dick again as he moves away from the dog.

image 7994

Michael Nardone in Durham County (2007)

Michael Nardone is seen fully naked 4 minutes in the first episode of the third season. We see him waking naked, exhibiting his uncut dick. We also briefly see his butt.

image 8769

Marc Arnaud and Lionel Cecilio in Changing Room (2011)

Marc Arnaud shows his butt 2 minutes in the movie. At the same time, we also see Lionel Cecilio's butt and briefly see his penis in the background but it's off focus.

3 minutes in the movie, we see Marc Arnaud's penis in the shower as he is showering. We see him washing his penis too.

Then 4 minutes in the movie, we again see Marc Arnaud's penis in the locker room.

Marc Arnaud has a nice medium sized uncut penis.

image 1718

Martin Hedman in Kärlekens Språk 2000 (2004)

Martin Hedman is not the only naked guy in this movie. This movie was initially a sexual education document targeted towards teens. It is incredibly hot and loaded with sex. Martin can be seen naked front and back, masturbating, ejaculating, unrolling a condom over his super-sized uncircumcised dick, getting a hard-on, and making love. Everything in great details and for real. Very very impressive. Some other guys are also very cute in this movie, but they show a little bit less.

image 3676

Anders Borchgrevink in Lakki (1992)

Right at the very beginning of the movie, we see Anders Borchgrevink getting out of bed and back in bed naked. As he runs out of bed, we get a good view at his young butt. And he lays back in bed, we get a quick view at his small uncut dick and balls. A few minutes after we see him diving in a swimming pool, wearing nothing but a shirt. Anders plays a number of scenes naked throughout the movie, although we do not see his dick much better.

image 4789

Ryan Gosling in The Notebook (2004)

24 minutes in the movie, Ryan Gosling is shirtless at a lake, and again 28 minutes in the movie. 33 minutes in the movie, he undresses before making love to a woman but we only see Ryan in underwear in that scene. 48 minutes in the movie, Ryan Gosling is completely naked at a military medical exam, but he is covering his genitals, so we do not see them. 81 minutes in the movie, he walks into a room, carrying a woman and wet from the rain. The bulge in his short reveals a good-sized penis.

image 8614

Joe Sykes and Drew Moerlein in V/H/S (2012)

23 minutes in the movie, Joe Sykes gets naked at a motel. For the next few minutes we see him naked, and although the camera is shaking a lot, we see his butt and uncut dick.
66 minutes in the movie, Drew Moerlein is undressing to go swim in a lake. We only see his butt.