image 5132

Patrick Dempsey in Some Girls (1988)

34 minutes in the movie, Patrick Dempsey is naked, chasing a girl. We see his butt and his penis but from a distance. Patrick Dempsey appears to have a small uncircumcised penis. The chasing scene is funny and ends up with a very embarrassing situation.

image 4707

Benjamin Sadler in Tatort (2010)

In the episode named "Mord in der ersten Liga" from 2010, Benjamin Sadler shows a full frontal while in a locker room. Benjamin Sadler has a massive uncut dick, large and thick.

image 4142

Michael Apuzzo, Nick May, Michael Hill and Brian Patacca in The Houseboy (2007)

Michael Apuzzo shows a full frontal and rear nudity in a sex scene with Nick May. Michael Apuzzo has a fairly big cut dick. Nick May shows rear nudity in many scenes throughout the movie, but no real front nudity. There are however several bulge scenes, where we can see how big his dick is and that it is circumcised. Michael Hill shows rear nudity in one scene, where he is standing naked on his belly next to Nick May. Brian Patacca also shows rear nudity when he leaves the bed. No front nudity from him.

image 3390

Michal Lewandowski and Miroslav Caslavka in Insatiability (2003)

In this movie, we see Michal Lewandowski involved in various sexual situations, with both males and females. 25 minutes in the movie, we see Michal's butt as he is cleaning himself, or rather jerking himself off in order to be hard. He wakes up in the morning, naked, showing us an incredible frontal of his soft but pretty long uncut dick. Forty minutes in the movie, it's Miroslav Caslavka that we see completely naked for minutes, as he plays naked with a woman, running around in the bedroom. He has a nice butt and a pretty nice and big uncut dick. Interesting detail: Michal Lewandowski is jerking off watching the scene! Five minutes later there is a surprising scene in a barrack where all the boys are taking a dump together, in sync, one next to another! Then the general enters, and they all have to stand naked. Later they also jerk off in sync in bed under their sheets.

image 3369

Javier Godino in The Secret in Their Eyes (2009)

Javier Godino appears first buck naked in a flashback. We see his dropping his pants and we see his nice firm butt clearly. Later in the movie, as he is being interrogated, he opens his pants and shows his dick and balls. His dick is a nice chubby and we also see his low hanging balls. Quite a nice view. Too bad it does not last longer!

image 3026

Ralph Fiennes in The Baby of Mâcon (1993)

Mid-movie, Ralph Fiennes gets naked in a barn. At first, it is kind of dark but we can guess Ralph's genitals as he is making love to a girl. Rapidly the animals in the barn get upset. At that point, and for 5 minutes we get very clear frontal and rear views of Ralph Fiennes. His foreskin seems rather short and his balls are really big.

image 3015

Imri Kahn and Amnon Friedman in Japan Japan (2007)

Amnon Friedman is the first one naked in the movie. Best of all, the first picture of the movie is his erect penis and him taking the condom off. He has a thick and long cut dick. Later in the movie, Imri Kahn is jerking off to Japanese Bukkake movie. We see his cut dick, but the camera is so close that it is somewhat blurry. We also get to see the bukkake movie, with several facial ejaculations.

image 2955

Fabrizio Corona in Videocracy (2009)

Fabrizio Corona is not shy. Towards the end of the movie, which is a documentary, we see Fabrizio Corona taking a shower. And he spends a good amount of time cleansing his genital area. Some would call that masturbation. The result is a nice chubby, a pretty long uncut dick, although not very large. After the shower, we see Fabrizio combing his hair, and still completely naked for minutes as we can contemplate his penis, that he keeps on stroking from time to time.

image 2934

Jon Lange in I'll Come Running (2008)

We first see Jon Lange's butt as he gets out of bed after making love to his girlfriend. Then, he comes back to the bedroom, and we get a nice full frontal from him. He has a good-sized uncut penis. Unfortunately his girlfriend asks him to dress up! A few minutes later, we see Jon Lange completely naked on the floor. We see them fooling around in a number of other scenes, which are pretty hot, even if there is no other real front nudity.

image 2707

Justin Timberlake in Friends with Benefits (2011)

Justin Timberlake is seen naked as he is having sex with Mila Kunis. In a first scene, he undresses and we can see his butt, although dark. He is seen undressed in several other scenes. Justin has an amazing body. In a following scene, we see his butt very clearly as he rushes to the bathroom. As a woman walks on Justin having sex with Mila, we see him naked again. There is one frame, where we can see Justin's dick before he puts his underwear on. He appears to have a fairly long cut dick.