image 8765

Mark Cirillo and Scott Sell in The Last Straight Man (2014)

21 minutes in the movie, Mark Cirillo is showing his butt, and again partially 29 minutes in the movie.

64 minutes in the movie, we briefly see Scott Sell's butt.
Then, in that scene, we see Mark Cirillo's huge penis.

66 minutes in the movie, Scott Sell has a sock on his cock and balls.

68 minutes in the movie, we see the massive cock of Mark Cirillo again and his big balls.

95 minutes in the movie, we get a clear view at Scott Sell's butt.

101 minutes in the movie, we see Mark Cirillo's penis again as he is laying on a bed.

image 8633

Garrett Hedlund in On the Road (2012)

Garrett Hedlund is shirtless a lot in the movie.
30 minutes in the movie, Garrett Hedlund is naked and we see his butt as he is carrying a friend of his onto a bed.
For a frame or two we can see his penis. Garrett Hedlund seems to have a medium sized dick.

image 8651

Sergio Fascetti, Franco Merli, Aldo Valletti, Bruno Musso, Antonio Orlando, Giorgio Cataldi, Rinaldo Missaglia and Ezio Manni in Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975)

10 minutes in the movie, Sergio Fascetti and Franco Merli are forced to undress. We see their nice uncut penises and untrimmed pubes.
31 minutes in the movie, Aldo Valletti is showing his butt. He ends up being butt fucked.
39 minutes in the movie, all the boys, Sergio Fascetti, Bruno Musso, Antonio Orlando, Claudio Cicchetti, Franco Merli, Umberto Chessari, Lamberto Book and Gaspare Di Jenno are naked. They are all uncut.
42 minutes in the movie, Sergio Fascetti is naked again. We see his butt too.

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Vinzenz Kiefer in Bliss (2012)

Vinzenz Kiefer shows us a full frontal of his nice uncut dick, and then reveals his butt. We even see him sideways bending over and spreading his butt cheeks open!

image 5363

Jake Gyllenhaal in Love and Other Drugs (2010)

31 minutes in the movie, Jake Gyllenhaal is completely naked on a bed. He is hiding his penis with his leg. However, 2 minutes after, when he rolls over. We get a very brief view at his dick. Jake Gyllenhaal has a relatively long cut penis. 41 minutes in the movie, there is another sex scene where his girlfiend is performing oral sex, but we don't see anything as a sheet is covering the area. 91 minutes in the movie, Jake Gyllenhaal runs naked to the bathroom. We see his butt but it's off focus.

image 8777

Mark-Eugene Garcia in Nocturnal Fury (2011)

The short film "Nocturnal Fury" has some male nudity in it.
It is about a man who must decide if he is haunted by a ghost of a victim of sleep paralysis.
Things take a turn for the worse when the ghost develops a sexual fascination with him.
Mark-Eugene Garcia is the lead actor and goes full frontal.

Thanks to Philiip for sending us the information about this movie.

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Viggo Mortensen in Eastern Promises (2007)

78 minutes in the movie, Viggo Mortensen is attacked in a sauna. During the 3 minutes fight, Viggo Mortensen is completely naked. We see his cut dick and butt as he fights for his survival.

image 6196

Gowan Didi and Johnny Amaro in Q (2011)

There is a lot of sexuality in this movie. The first one to show his penis is Johnny Amaro. 17 minutes in the movie, he lies naked on the bed. We can see his big uncut penis and his balls. Then his girlfriend masturbates him in the kitchen while he is standing. We see her pulling down his foreskin and making him hard. 52 minutes in the movie, he gets a blow job on a bed. The scene is not faked. She pulls again on his tight foreskin and then he penetrates her. The other actor that shows his penis is Gowan Didi. 26 minutes in the movie, his girlfriend performs a blow job on him in his car. We see his very big uncut cock as she is making him hard. The scene is not faked. 61 minutes in the movie, Gowam Didi gets a blowjob in a bathroom. We see again his very big uncut dick.