image 8822

Rory Cosgrove in Capital Games (2013)

Eric Presnall and Rory Cosgrove have a sex scene in the movie.
We see Eric Presnall jacking off Rory Cosgrove.
Rory Cosgrove has a big cut penis. We also see his butt.

image 1510

Zach Cregger in Miss March (2009)

In this movie, we get to see Zach Cregger's naked from behind. First of all, we see him at a hospital on a bed, and we can admire his hairy legs. Then he escapes from the hospital and his gown gets blown. At that point, we can see his young butt and as he moves, we can guess his balls flopping in between his legs. His butt appears to be hairless, maybe shaved as his legs are very hairy.

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Alexander Bracq, Andrew Shine, Chris Grezo in Seeing Heaven (2010)

Alexander Bracq is a male prostitute that has visions with guys he has sex with. His first client is Andrew Shine. We can see his naked butt. However in that scene we don't get to see much of Alexander as he seems to be wearing a short. Anyway a little time after, we can finally see Alexander's very nice butt. His second encounter is Denton Lethe. But we unfortunately don't get to see them naked. Same goes at the club when he gets fucked by Addison White. Then when making a porn movie, he has sex with the very pretty Maximo Salvo, still without nudity below the waist. Then he makes love with Chris Grezo. This time we see Alexander's ass repeatedly as he is seating on Chris's dick. Then we get to see Chris's butt. Finally Alexander gets in a weird gangbang/rape situation but no real nudity there as all actors were wearing underwear during the scene.

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Matthew McConaughey in Killer Joe (2011)

52 minutes in the movie, Matthew McConaughey is fully naked and attacking Emile Hirsch who he believes is an intruder. Matthew McConaughey has a very toned body, with a very nice firm butt. As he stands up, we can see his package in between his muscled thighs. Matthew McConaughey has big and low hanging balls and a medium sized circumcised penis.

image 5879

Joseph Fiennes in Forever Mine (1999)

3 minutes in the movie, Joseph Fiennes is in a locker room. He is shirtless and the zipper of his pants is open. The bulge is small but still shows his dick. Joseph Fiennes is known to be uncut. 17 minutes in the movie, we see Joseph Fiennes naked in bed. It was probably unintentional to let his penis appear when he is on top of the woman. The woman has her legs up and as Joseph is faking the penetration, we see his dick hanging there. In that scene, we also see Joseph Fiennes' firm butt.

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Richard Gere in Breathless (1983)

Ten minutes in the movie, Richard Gere is taking a shower. He is completely naked but we don't see much as the room is too steamy. Later in the movie, he goes in the shower with his girlfriend and we get a good view at his butt. After the shower, they make love and we get a good view at Richard Gere's butt and cut penis. Richard Gere is clearly not shy at showing us everything.

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Bug Hall in The Day the Earth Stopped (2008)

12 minutes in the movie, Bug Hall is running naked in a forest. We get a quick view at his big cut dick.
13 minutes in the movie, he gets stopped by the people chasing him and we get a view at his butt.

image 2944

Mark Gerber in Sirens (1993)

Mark Gerber is seen first naked 45 minutes in the movie. He is naked by a lake. Then he starts masturbating. In a later scene, Mark Gerber poses as a nude model. We get to see his cut dick in close-up. It's pretty impressive! Mark is quite a hunk!

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Rupert Evans in Guantanamero (2007)

There is only one scene in the movie where Rupert Evans is fully naked on the bed and we can see his penis as he is making love to a woman.
As he is lying on a bed, for a few frames we can see Rupert Evans big uncut dick.