image 7694

Gonzalo Heredia, Darío Tripicchio and Rafael Ferro in Night Watch (2005)

Gonzalo Heredia goes with Darío Tripicchio to a sauna. Over there, they shower next to each other, and we see both of them naked, front and back.
Darío Tripicchio has a large uncut dick and Gonzalo Heredia has a medium sized uncut dick with untrimmed pubes.
Later in the movie, Gonzalo Heredia gets in a bath and in bed with Rafael Ferro. Both of them are see fully naked in the bed.

image 8726

Wesley Snipes and Jsu Garcia in Wildcats (1986)

15 minutes in the movie, Wesley Snipes and Jsu Garcia quickly show us their dicks as they are naked behind their helmets.
Both Wesley Snipes and Jsu Garcia are cut, Jsu Garcia having a longer dick.

25 minutes in the movie, Woody Harrelson is also showing a nice bulge in his underwear.

image 4326

Rupert Graves and James Wilby in Maurice (1987)

James Wilby and Hugh Grant are lovers. We see them kissing from the beginning of the movie. One hour in the movie, there is an interesting locker room scene after a boxing game. Some guys are naked and playing in the shower area. They have nice and big uncut dicks. 1 hour 40 minutes in the movie, Rupert Graves and James Wilby are making love. They do it again 2 hours in the movie. At that time, we can finally see real nudity. We see Rupert Grave thick uncut cock and nice butt. James Wilby is sitting naked, facing the camera, but the picture is rather dark then and it's hard to distinguish his penis.

image 8774

Jamie Foxx in Any Given Sunday (1999)

In this movie, we see Jamie Foxx's butt.
We see it at two occasions: Once in the locker room, as Jamie Foxx is wearing a jock strap and then in a bathroom as he is facing a urinal completely naked.

image 3916

Alberto Ferreiro in Paco's Men (2005)

In this TV show, Alberto Ferreiro has a short scene where he plays naked. He is naked, drying clothes, when someone walks in. We have a very nice view at his bubble butt and a quick partial dick shot shortly after. A very nice body that we enjoy watching, especially as he is embarrassed being naked.

image 4919

Matt Riddlehoover in Watch Out (2008)

We see Matt Riddlehoover naked from the beginning of the movie on. He loves his body, and so do we! 16 minutes in the movie, we see a video that Matt Riddlehoover made of himself showering. The video quality is low but we see he has a big cut dick. Then we see him getting out the shower after the recording, and we get a clear view at his penis and low hanging balls. We get to view them again at length. Matt Riddlehoover makes love to a plastic doll that has his own picture taped to it. That's how much he loves himself. 35 minutes in the movie, we see Matt Riddlehoover fully erect, masturbating and ejaculating in a bathroom sink. Very hot!

image 8606

Gilles Marini in Sex and the City (2008)

Gilles Marini appears naked several times in the movie.
30 minutes in the movie, we first see his butt.
87 minutes in the movie, he has a hot undressing scene but without frontal or rear nudity.
112 minutes in the movie, he has another sex scene with 2 women, but again without full nudity.
However, 121 minutes in the movie, we get great rear nudity and then a quick full frontal of Gilles Marini of his huge uncut penis.

image 8644

Rainer Strecker and Sigurd Rachman in Westler (1985)

Rainer Strecker and Sigurd Rachman are both naked in the movie, as they are making love.
The frontal shots are quite dark. When Sigurd Rachman leaves the bed wearing only a t-shirt, we see his nice uncut dick. We also see his butt at several occasions in the bed, and also in the bedroom, as he likes to walk wearing no underwear.
It's harder to see Rainer Strecker naked. However, when Sigurd Rachman leaves the bed, we briefly see Rainer Strecker's uncut dick.

image 8086

Antoine Cholet and Nicolas Gonzales in La commanderie (2010)

In Episode 8 of Season 1, we get brief nudity from Antoine Cholet and Nicolas Gonzales.
At the beginning of the episode, we get a very hot bath scene with Nicolas Gonzales but without full nudity.
Later in the episode, Antoine Cholet and Nicolas Gonzales are both naked one next to another. We clearly see both butts. We then briefly see Antoine Cholet uncut penis, and as they fight naked we can guess what appears to be Nicolas Gonzales bigger penis.

image 8797

Kacey Mottet Klein and Corentin Fila in Being 17 (2016)

30 minutes in the movie, Corentin Fila jumps naked into a lake. We briefly see his butt.
50 minutes in the movie, Corentin Fila jumps again naked into a lake. This time in front of Kacey Mottet Klein.
52 minutes in the movie, we see Corentin Fila's butt again, making love to a woman.