image 2402

Rupert Everett in Cemetery Man (1994)

There is a nude scene towards the beginning of the movie, as he makes love to a woman. As they get attacked, he saves the girl and takes her in his arms. There are a few frames where we can see Rupert's dick. His pubes are shaved but his penis is so small it is very hard to see it.

image 8717

Ryan Kwanten in The Right Kind of Wrong (2013)

21 minutes in the movie, there is sex scene with Ryan Kwanten. We get a very good view at his butt. As he turns back, by looking frame by frame at the transition, we can see the tip of his penis.
92 minutes in the movie, in the final scene of the movie, Ryan Kwanten is naked in a field and we get a partially obstructed view at Ryan Kwanten's butt again.

image 1597

Jeremy Jordan in Live Nude Girls (1995)

This movie describes the sexual lives and feelings of a group of women. At one point in the movie, Jeremy Jordan plays the role of a Greenpeace door-to-door advocate. Jeremy Jordan is a famous singer from the 90s, which hits include "My Love Is Good Enough" and "Try My Love". We get to see him naked with long views of his butt. A very nice bubble butt we can admire as he makes love to a woman.

image 6084

Stéphane Rideau and Dimitri Durdaine in Our Paradise (2011)

In this movie, there are a lot of naked and sex scenes from both Stéphane Rideau and Dimitri Durdaine. 18 minutes in the movie, we get a full frontal from the side of Dimitri Durdaine, as he is getting a rectal exam! 36 minutes in the movie, we get a full frontal from Stéphane Rideau showing a medium size penis and low hanging balls. 55 minutes in the movie, we get to see Dimitri Durdaine's ass. 84 minutes in the movie, both Stéphane Rideau and Dimitri Durdaine are naked in the swimming pool. We get a good view at Dimitri's hairy crack and also good full frontal views.

image 2955

Fabrizio Corona in Videocracy (2009)

Fabrizio Corona is not shy. Towards the end of the movie, which is a documentary, we see Fabrizio Corona taking a shower. And he spends a good amount of time cleansing his genital area. Some would call that masturbation. The result is a nice chubby, a pretty long uncut dick, although not very large. After the shower, we see Fabrizio combing his hair, and still completely naked for minutes as we can contemplate his penis, that he keeps on stroking from time to time.

image 7931

Jack O'Connell in The Runaway (2010)

In the first episode, Jack O'Connell gets humiliated, naked, by his boxing coach. We clearly see Jack O'Connell butt and briefly his small uncut penis as he stands up.

image 8727

Sean Paul Lockhart, Jack Brockett, Addison Graham, Matthew Campbell and Ryan Massey in Triple Crossed (2013)

14 minutes in the movie, Addison Graham is watching Matthew Campbell and Ryan Massey naked. Both Matthew Campbell and Ryan Massey are circumcised. We get a quick view at both penises.
15 minutes in the movie, Addison Graham is showering. We get a good view at his butt and at his cut dick. Addison Graham also plays in porn movies on Randy Blue.

44 minutes in the movie, Jack Brockett is getting naked. We get a partial dick shot.

image 253

Stanislas Merhar in Dry Cleaning (1997)

In this movie, the sexy Stanislas Merhar is seen buck naked. No frontal nudity but a good view at his bulge in a thin bath towel that does not leave much to imagination.

image 6107

Til Schweiger and Joachim Król in Maybe... Maybe Not (1994)

24 minutes in the movie, Til Schweiger lowers his underwear to reveal his pubes. 28 minutes in the movie, he reveals his nice torso and shaved armpits. The Til Schweiger steps in the tub and reveals his butt. We very rapidly see his balls and massive dick in between his legs. 46 minutes in the movie, Joachim Król is performing oral sex on Til Schweiger when someone walks in. We see Joachim Król's butt at that occasion.

image 7039

Sean Galuszka, Rob Romoni, Dylan Vox and Cody Cash in Scab (2005)

At the very beginning of the movie, we see Sean Galuszka's ass when his puts are being pulled down. We also see Rob Romoni big dick. 40 minutes in the movie, Dylan Vox undresses in a bathroom. We see his big cut dick. 87 minutes in the movie, Cody Cash undresses. We see his nice long cut dick, and then his lean butt.