image 8772

Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange (1971)

12 minutes in the movie, we see Malcolm McDowell's balls under his shirt.

20 minutes in the movie, we get a partial view at Malcolm McDowell's butt, as he is scratching his butt. His undies are showing a nice bulge.

27 minutes in the movie, Malcolm McDowell is naked but the scene is very rapid, and you need to pause to see Malcolm McDowell's uncut penis and butt.

50 minutes in the movie, there is a partial dick view of Malcolm McDowell, as he is undressed to go to jail. His penis is quite thick in that scene, so he is must semi erect.

image 2160

David Kross in The Reader (2008)

In this movie, we can see David Kross bathing a lot. Actually it seems that none of it is spared. In a first bathing scene, we have a good rear view but limited frontal. It seems in that scene that David Kross's penis is pretty small. Well we learn in a later scene that he is a grower. We get a good frontal view of his uncut penis, and he is well endowed!

image 8810

Jannis Niewöhner in Jonathan (2016)

32 minutes in the movie, Jannis Niewöhner is making love to a woman. We only see his pubes. But then we see this uncut dick for a few frames while he is lifting the woman. Then we see his butt.

51 minutes in the movie, we see Jannis Niewöhner's butt again.

52 minutes in the movie, Jannis Niewöhner is running naked but it's shot from a distance, so we can't see much.

image 4142

Michael Apuzzo, Nick May, Michael Hill and Brian Patacca in The Houseboy (2007)

Michael Apuzzo shows a full frontal and rear nudity in a sex scene with Nick May. Michael Apuzzo has a fairly big cut dick. Nick May shows rear nudity in many scenes throughout the movie, but no real front nudity. There are however several bulge scenes, where we can see how big his dick is and that it is circumcised. Michael Hill shows rear nudity in one scene, where he is standing naked on his belly next to Nick May. Brian Patacca also shows rear nudity when he leaves the bed. No front nudity from him.

image 8305

Frank Ripploh and Bernd Broaderup in Taxi to the Toilet (1980)

Right at the beginning of the movie, Frank Ripploh is naked. We see his butt first, his hairy crack and hairy balls. Then a few minutes after, he shows us a great frontal of his uncut dick.
9 minutes in the movie, there is an interesting bathroom scene, as several guys are cruising the bathroom. We can see one guy's uncut penis. There is also a gloryhole with Frank Ripploh's stall and the next stall. The guy next stall is opening his butt chicks to reveal a hairy crack.
Another man comes next in that stall and puts his dick through the glory hole and we see Frank Ripploh touching it.
14 minutes in the movie, we see Frank Ripploh displaying his with a nice soft uncut dick, and putting a cock ring .
16 minutes in the movie, Frank Ripploh is getting a naked massage from Bernd Broaderup. After the massage, they hook up and we see bathing together and having sex.
30 minutes in the movie, Frank Ripploh is naked again, playing a a bed.
40 minutes in the movie, Frank Ripploh is hooking up with .... Frank Ripploh is hard, and we see the other guy sucking him. Then they 69, and we wee both uncut cocks hard.
There are also a few foot fetish scenes.
75 minutes in the movie, there is a watersport scene as Frank Ripploh is peeing in another guy's mouth.
80 minutes in the movie, Frank Ripploh is in drags.

image 1246

James Franco in Sonny (2002)

In this movie, James Franco, a man whore, spends a lot of time completely naked. Unfortunately the camera does not let us see his genitals, but we get to see everything else at length...

image 4827

Ewan McGregor in Young Adam (2003)

Ewan McGregor has sex with many woman throughout the movie. 51 minutes in the movie, the woman he is in bed with pulls the cover out of Ewan. It reveals Ewan McGregor's very impressive soft uncut dick.