image 8653

Alex González in Scorpion in Love (2013)

22 minutes in the movie, Álex González is getting outside of the shower with a towel. The towel is make visible the bulge of his impressive penis.
50 minutes in the movie, Álex González is making love to a woman. We see his firm butt and very muscular body. Some frontal is visible but dark and hard to distinguish.
52 minutes in the movie, Álex González is in a hot shower scene with a girl. We then see his butt when he gets out in the hallway.
As the girl moves, we briefly see his dick from the side.

image 2357

Santiago Magill and Emilram Cossio in Don't Tell Anyone (1998)

We see Emilram Cossio's butt first as he drops his underwear in a lake, in front of Santiago Magill. Later in the movie, we see a full frontal of Santiago, as a woman washes his genitalia. His dick is then quite small as he is nervous. His dick is then half erect when he walks to the woman's bed. We can see his foreskin still covering half of his penis head. He is not very well endowed. There is however extended nudity throughout the movie, as he has sex with different girls and then boys.

image 8683

Brad Gorton in Get Real (1998)

51 minutes in the movie, Brad Gorton is naked on the bed. As he stands out of bed to put his underwear back on, we get a very good view at his butt.
There are also several scenes where he can be seen shirtless or in sportwear throughout the movie.

image 5002

Rupert Graves, Julian Sands and Simon Callow in A Room with a View (1985)

One hour in the movie, there is a scene by a pond. Rupert Graves, Julian Sands and Simon Callow all get naked to go swim in the bond. At first, we only see their torsos. We see Simon Callow cut penis as he jumps into the pond. Then we see Julian Sands trying to climb at a branch. Finally we see Rupert Graves's butt and penis as he gets out of the pond. His uncut penis is then quite small from the swimming. Julian Sands runs after Rupert Graves around the pounds, and we see both dicks flip-flopping around. Simon Callow also joins the naked race.

image 8715

Alexandros Malaos in The Leftovers (2014)

8 minutes in episode 4 of season 1, Alexandros Malaos walks into a room wearing only a t-shirt. We first see his uncut dick.
Then he gets into a fight with Chris Zylka, and we see more of Alexandros Malaos's penis and butt.

image 7136

Rupert Friend in Homeland (2012)

In episode 7 of season 2, that aired on Showtime on Sunday November 11th 2012, Rupert Friend is in a hospital and suddenly drops his gown. We see his very nice and firm butt and for a couple of frames what appears to be a pretty big, white, uncut cock.

image 3342

Jai Courtney, Mike Edward, Daniel Feuerriegel and Ande Cunningham in Spartacus: Blood and Sand (2010)

In episode 8 of season 1, we get to see a lot of nudity. There is the much expected rear nudity of blonde cutie Jai Courtney. We see his butt as he is making love to a woman. We hope we will get to see front nudity from him someday. Episode 8 is also an episode where threee new slaves are brought in: Mike Edward, Daniel Feuerriegel and Ande Cunningham. We see rear nudity from the three of them as they need to be presented naked. They all three have nice butts. In addition to that, there is the much commented front nudity of Mike Edward. During that scene in the area where we see all three butts, we get to see Mike Edwards huge uncut dick. It's obviously a prosthetic. On the Blu-ray version of the show, there is an extra scene with front nudity of Mike Edward.

image 8681

Oliver Reed and Alan Bates in Women in Love (1969)

9 minutes in the movie, Oliver Reed is running naked to jump into a lake. We see his dick and butt from a distance.

26 minutes in movie, while in a forest, Alan Bates is getting naked. 27 minutes in the movie, Alan Bates is walking naked, and we see his butt and penis from close up.
53 minutes in the movie, we see Alan Bates's butt again.
57 minutes in the movie and for long minutes, Alan Bates and Oliver Reed both strip and start wrestling naked. We see both naked bodies from every possible angle.

image 3244

Christoph M. Ohrt and Tim Bergmann in Regular Guys (1996)

Right at the beginning of the movie, we see Christoph M. Ohrt's butt as he is naked in a public shower. We also see another guy's uncut dick, as well as at the end of the movie. A few minutes at the start of the movie, Christoph M. Ohrt wakes up naked in bed with Tim Bergmann. We also see Tim's butt briefly and part of his penis. Thirty five minutes in the movie, Tim Bergmann and Christoph M. Ohrt are both naked in the bathroom. Christoph is taking a bath and Tim Bergmann is by the sink. We get a good view at Tim's butt. Then Tim gets in the tub with Christoph and we get a good view at Tim Bergmann's hairy crack and big uncut dick.