matt brewer face

Mark Cirillo and Matt Brewer in Waiting for Dracula (2012)

15 minutes in the movie, a love scene engages between Mark Cirillo and Matt Brewer. At first they are in a sauna, and we can clearly see Mark Cirillo's big penis, which is erect.

The scene then moves on to to a jacuzzi. As Matt Brewer is getting in the water, we get a great view at his butt, and then his balls and dick when is gets in the water. He appears to be uncut and thick, with beautiful balls.

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Sebastian Schipper and Devid Striesow in Three (2010)

32 minutes in the movie, we get a partial view of Sebastian Schipper's penis.
60 minutes in the movie, we get a partial ass view. Then Sebastian Schipper gets a handjob from Devid Striesow in a locker room.
113 minutes in the movie, we see the big uncut dicks through the window of Sebastian Schipper and Devid Striesow.

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Iddo Goldberg in Attachments (2000)

Iddo Goldberg likes to skateboard naked. At this occasion, we get to see him naked front and back. His dick is fairly impressive. Iddo looks like a geek in this tv show but he has a very nice and lean body, with a very well defined six pack.

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Marc Hosemann, Beat Marti, Eralp Uzun and Oktay Özdemir in Black Sheep (2006)

Marc Hosemann is naked at the beginning of the movie as he is making love in every possible position to a woman. We get rear view from him and at the end of the love scene, we get a good frontal view, although a little obstructed by the woman's hand. Marc Hosemann appears to be uncut. We see Beat Marti's hairy ass, one hour in the movie, as he is bathing his boyfriend Daniel Krauss. Daniel is wearing a skin-toned underwear so no nudity from him. Towards the end of the movie, Eralp Uzun is fooling around with girl. As he is crawling away, he looses his pants. We see his butt first and then his balls and dick hanging in between his legs. He has a fairly big cut dick. At the very end of the movie, Eralp Uzun and Oktay Özdemir are naked on a raft with another guy. Eralp Uzun is proudly showing his penis. It's very erect, large, cut and straight. Then Oktay Özdemir also shows his penis. It's equally erect, pointing up, large, cut with huge tight balls.

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Carlos Leal in Verso (2009)

Carlos Leal is naked in a scene and is trying to convince another man to stay over with him for drinks and drugs. The other man is not convinced, as much as we would be, as Carlos Leal remains naked during the whole time, bouncing his dick around. Carlos Leal has an uncut penis with a tight foreskin.

Brendan P. Hines in Ordinary Sinner (2001)

16 minutes in the movie, Brendan Hines is being stripped down to his birthday suit. We don't see his dick but we do see his pubes. Later in the movie, we see Brendan Hines shirtless at several occasions. He is quite a cutie!

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Max Beesley in Hotel (2001)

In this strange movie, Max Beesley can be seen naked with an erect penis. He has a large uncut dick. In that scene he is covered in blood next to baby dolls. In an earlier scene mid-movie, Max can be seen being butt fucked by a woman that soon after delivers a baby (a doll).

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Matthew Leitch in Sabor tropical (2009)

In a first scene, Matthew Leitch is making love to woman. We first see his nice butt. Then when he is done, we get a good view at his semi erect dick. The quality of that scene is mediocre as it is coming from a videotape. When he gets naked in the kitchen, we then get a very clear view at his butt. We see the tip of his dick when he sits down in the kitchen. As someone knocks at his door and he walks to go open the door, we get a good view at his nice long uncut dick. Matthew Leitch explains he is pround to be a nudist, and we cannot complain about that. He walks again naked in the kitchen and we get more views at his uncut dick and nice long foreskin. In a next scene, Matthew Leitch undresses to get a shower. We see his butt. After his shower, we find him naked with his dick semi hard. Still not completely hard as the foreskin is still covering his penis head. He then films himself naked on the bed. We see his softer dick and his big balls. For the next few minutes he jerks himself off. We see his dick growing as he does, until he cums. In another scene, a male friend massages Matthew's butt and ends up giving him a blow job!

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Artem Mishin and Ben Bonenfant in Strapped (2010)

13 minutes in the movie, we see Artem Mishin naked. He is lying on his belly after having been fucked, so we first see his firm butt. Then he rolls over, unveiling his big balls and uncut dick.
At that point in the movie, Ben Bonenfant was only seen shirtless.
59 minutes in the movie, we see part of his butt and his pubes.

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Max Riemelt and Hanno Koffler in Free Fall (2013)

37 minutes in the movie, Max Riemelt and Hanno Koffler are both naked making love. We see both dicks but very briefly. They are both uncut.
49 minutes in the movie, Max Riemelt and Hanno Koffler are both naked again. We only see the dick of Max Riemelt.
59 minutes in the movie, Max Riemelt is naked getting to the shower. He is getting a chubby under the shower.
Hanno Koffler is naked 86 minutes in the movie but behind a shower curtain so the picture is not very clear.