image 8700

Jonathan Bailey in Broadchurch (2013)

14 minutes in episode 5 of season 1, we see Jonathan Bailey's butt as he is getting out of bed naked.
After he puts a brief on, he faces the camera and reveals a nice bulge, not leaving much to imagination.

image 8615

Wayne Virgo in Cal (2013)

Wayne Virgo has several nude scenes in that movie.
11 minutes in the movie, there is a fight scene in bed. A girl gets on top of him. He is naked, we see his uncut dick and balls when she is on top, and then when he pushed her out of the bed.
We see his butt when he gets to the bathroom but it's dark.
36 minutes in the movie, Wayne Virgo gets naked in front of a mirror. We can ample time to admire his body all around.
Finally 50 minutes in the movie, there is a gay love scene with Tom Payne but we don't get full nudity from them then.

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Wade Briggs in Please Like Me (2013)

Wade Briggs is a hottie in this Australian movie. In episode 5 of season 1, Wade Briggs shows his very nice bubble butt, and giggles his chicks as he is brushing his teeth.
We'll hopefully get a full frontal soon!
Wade Briggs also nice a very toned body with firm abs.

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Julien Baumgartner and Nils Ohlund in You'll Get Over It (2002)

Right at the beginning of the movie, there is a shower scene with Julien Baumgartner where we briefly see his butt and his dick when he exits the shower area and plays with his friends. Julien Baumgartner has a nice and big uncut dick. A few minutes after, Julien Baumgartner is with his boyfriend Nils Ohlund. We can see Nils Ohlund's big uncut dick through the shower curtain. 58 minutes in the movie, Julien Baumgartner stands for long seconds naked in front of a mirror. Although the room is dark we get a clear view at his butt and long uncut dick.


Wes Bentley in American Beauty (1999)

Wes Bentley is a teen in this movie that gets in trouble with his homophobic gay dad, who believes Wes is having an affair with his neighbor Kevin Spacey. This movie is a must see. Wes is seen naked with partial butt shot.

image 3495

Chase Fleming, Richard Bolander, David Beutler, Tim Garrett, Curtis Ray Husted, Bambi Lush, C.K. Moseley, Donner Tran, Lock Lee, Ryan Lynn and Brendan Sharpe in Darker Secrets: Sideline Secrets II (2008)

Again in this second movie of the Sideline Secrets sequel, there is a LOT of nudity. The movie starts with a recall of Sideline Stories 1, as we see Chase Fleming naked, front and back. His nick body and thick cut cock are shyly shown. At the same time, we see Luoc Lee undressing, and at first we only see his butt. Later in the movie, towards the end, we will also see his dick. The next scene ends up as a threesome between Bambi Lush, C.K. Moseley (a very cute blonde guy) and Donner Tran. We see all them naked and making love. C.K. Moseley showers and shows us his small cut dick and bubble butt. Donner Tran has a small uncut dick and Bambi Lush a very big cut penis that we see at several occasions. Next we see Richard Bolander shaving and peeing in the bathroom. He seems to have a pretty nice uncut dick. He is quite a twink. Next is Curtis Ray Husted. He has a nice cut dick with big balls. There is a very hot scene of him showering as he shows us his dick, his tight ass and his incredible low hanging balls. The next scene has David Beutler touching himself on the couch. He has a nice big cut dick. The next scene has Bambi Lush and Tim Garrett making love together. Tim Garrett is really into the scene as he is hard the whole time. He has a big and thick cut dick. After a flash back where we can see Donner Tran fully naked and others, there is very hot sex scene between Richard Bolander and David Beutler. Next we see Ryan Lynn naked, as he joins a girl under the shower. He has a very nice body and a nice cut dick. Finally we see Brendan Sharpe fully naked. He is beefy and has a pretty big cut dick.

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Alexander Doestch in Christopher and His Kind (2011)

Fifteen minutes in the movie, a young man called Ludo jumped out of bed naked and parades in the bedroom. We get a good view at his uncut dick and nice young butt. Later in the movie, we get a nice view all around and in details of Alexander Doetsch. He wears a speedo but does not remove it, so we only get to admire his body and bulge in the speedo. Later, Alexander Doestch gets naked and goes on the bed. We see his butt but no frontal.

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Jean Dujardin and Alex Lutz in OSS 117: Lost in Rio (2009)

There is a hippie scene at the beach where Jean Dujardin is naked resting on his belly, while a guy is caressing his butt. We get a good view of Jean Dujardin's butt during that scene. Later in the movie, Jean Dujardin ends up lost with Alex Lutz. Alex Lutz wants to bath, gets naked and goes into a lake. As he does, we get a good view at his butt. He spreads his legs apart, but we cannot see Alex balls or dick.