image 4563

Mathias Franz Stein in Mutig in die neuen Zeiten - Nur keine Wellen (2006)

Mathias Franz Stein is buck naked on a bed. Initially the camera does not reveal his genitals. But then, as he is happy the girl told me she loved him, he raises up and reveals his dick. His pubes are untrimmed and quite long. However we can see his uncut dick, which shows a very long and tight foreskin. His dick seems to be rather thin but long. It is soft in that scene.

image 8722

Michael J. Fox in Greedy (1994)

29 minutes in the movie, and for a long minute, we see Michael J. Fox's butt. No frontal view, but long and detailed views of his butt.

image 4141

Stuart Laing in Butterfly Man (2002)

Stuart Laing has a sex scene where we can very briefly (on a couple of frames) see his dick. It's rather small, and his foreskin is so small he appears almost circumcised. His butt is not clearly visible but only its shape as it is backlit.

image 8735

Harry Treadaway in Honeymoon (2014)

14 minutes in the movie, we get a side view of Harry Treadaway's big uncut cock.
We also get a face view of his hairy bush.
15 minutes in the movie, Harry Treadaway is walking out of the bathroom naked. We see part of his dick off-focus, and then we see his butt clearly
In the same scene as he plays naked with a woman, we again get a quick view off-focus at his penis.

image 7006

Matthew McConaughey in Killer Joe (2011)

52 minutes in the movie, Matthew McConaughey is fully naked and attacking Emile Hirsch who he believes is an intruder. Matthew McConaughey has a very toned body, with a very nice firm butt. As he stands up, we can see his package in between his muscled thighs. Matthew McConaughey has big and low hanging balls and a medium sized circumcised penis.

image 8738

Roman Knizka in Fashion Victims (2007)

77 minutes in the movie, Roman Knizka gets out of bed. While the action is fast, we can see Roman Knizka's dick and balls bouncing when he gets out of bed, and then we see his butt.

image 1446

Milo Ventimiglia in Pathology (2008)

Milo Ventimiglia from Heroes is a great looking and sexy actor, and we can finally see him naked! In this movie, he does not show us any naked frontal view (unfortunately) but we get to see his butt and even his anus! There are two love scenes: one after the death of some guy who's actually still in the room, where you can see Milo's asshole, and later we can see his bubble butt when he is having sex. So just 2 scenes but worth it if you like Milo.

image 4269

Casey Affleck in Lonesome Jim (2005)

6 minutes in the movie, Casey Affleck is taking a bath when his mothers walks in. He is covering his genitals, but we can see his cute body and some of his untrimmed pubic hair. 30 minutes in the movie, Casey Affleck is taking a leak. We see his butt. The scene is interesting as he is contracting his butt to stop and restart peeing several times. We don't get frontal of Casey in this movie, although we suspect Casey is uncut. We know his brother Ben Affleck got circumcised in adulthood because of an accident, so it is expected they were not circumcised at birth.

image 4001

Matthew Goode and Laurence Fox in South from Granada (2003)

In a scene, Matthew Goode is naked with a woman. We get a good view at his big and thick uncut dick. Very impressive. His pubic hair is also quite bushy for a blonde, and visibly not trimmed. In another scene he is naked in bed, and when he leaves the bed, we get a good view at his hairless bubble butt. There is also a scene at the beach, where Matthew Goode and Laurence Fox both go naked to the ocean. We see both butts as they run and jump into the waves. However it is filmed from a distance.