image 1362

David Boreanaz in These Girls (2005)

In this movie, David Boreanaz (from Bones, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ...) appears briefly completely naked. He appears uncut but we are not completely sure from the zoomed-in screenshots. He has a pretty nice butt as we can see him walk out of his bedroom naked.

image 8657

Johan Libéreau in Grand Central (2013)

Johan Libéreau is fully naked 12 minutes in the movie.
He pulls an helicopter dick in front of his friend. Johan Libéreau's dick is somewhat erect and with a partially retracted foreskin.

image 8677

Guillaume Gallienne and Leonid Glushchenko in Me, Myself and Mum (2013)

45 minutes in the movie, Guillaume Gallienne is naked undergoing a physical examination. We can't see very well as the doctor's hand is padding his genital area.
53 minutes in the movie, we see Guillaume Gallienne's butt.
54 minutes in the movie, wee get a quick view at Guillaume Gallienne's dick as he is naked on a massage table.
55 minutes in the movie, we see Guillaume Gallienne's butt again.

67 minutes in the movie, we see the great butt of Leonid Glushchenko.

image 8758

Sean Biggerstaff in Mary Queen of Scots (2013)

97 minutes in the movie, Sean Biggerstaff is naked in bed with a woman. As he rushes out of the bed, we get a brief view at Sean Biggerstaff's cut penis.
Sean Biggerstaff rapidly dresses up. We can view his hairy body, bushy pubic hair and circumcised penis.

image 6023

Nicolas Duvauchelle in White Material (2009)

In this movie, inked actor Nicolas Duvauchelle shows us even more than before. The camera shows us closed up view of his private parts. We can see his thick and smooth uncut dick, his nice blonde pubes, his big low hanging balls. A very nice view of hunk Nicolas Duvauchelle.

image 8678

Shia LaBeouf, Anders Hove, Clayton Nemrow, Jesse Inman, Jonas Baeck and Christian Gade Bjerrum in Nymphomaniac: Vol. I (2013)

17 minutes in the movie, we see Shia LaBeouf's circumcised penis and butt as he is making love to a young girl.
26 minutes in the movie, we see a partial butt view of Anders Hove.
31 minutes in the movie, we see the erect penis of Clayton Nemrow. The we see him getting a blow job.

39 minutes in the movie, we see the penis of Jesse Inman penetrating a girl.
Then we see Jonas Baeck's butt.
And after the scene we clearly see Jesse Inman's uncut penis.
And we also see Jonas Baeck's uncut penis.

image 6438

Nico Rogner in Looking for Simon (2011)

Nico Rogner is very cute. There is only completely one naked scene with him. 61 minutes in the movie, Nico Rogner is getting a shower. We see him undressing and showering. First we only see his butt and then as the turns slightly around we see his nice uncut dick. There is also a sexy scene as he swims naked in the sea, but we don't get to see as much.

image 6630

Aries Pena and Aeious Asin in Boy (2009)

59 minutes in the movie, there is a long love scene between Aries Pena and Aeious Asin. Aries Pena and Aeious Asin. Aries Pena gets naked and we see his hard, fairly big, cut dick. Later in the love scene, Aeious Asin gets naked but we only see his nice bubble butt.