image 8733

Saga Becker, Iggy Malmborg, Mats Jäderlund and Emil Almén in Something Must Break (2014)

14 minutes in the movie, we see the tip of Iggy Malmborg's uncut penis as he is peeing against a tree.

19 minutes in the movie, Iggy Malmborg undresses and we see his nice torso.

26 minutes in the movie, we see Mats Jäderlund's big uncut penis as he is tied naked on a bed.

28 minutes in the movie, we finally see Saga Becker's huge uncut penis, with his completely shaved pubis. We get ample view of his penis with great close-ups.

29 minutes in the movie, we see Iggy Malmborg's butt. Saga Becker then rims his butt hole.

image 8812

Juan Manuel Martino, Lucas Papa, Darío Miño, Gaston Re, Gabriel Epstein and Arturo Frutos in Taekwondo (2016)

3 minutes in the movie, we see the thick uncut dick of Juan Manuel Martino. His dick is getting bigger as he chats with the other guys.

10 minutes in the movie, we see Juan Manuel Martino lying down naked on a bed. We see his beautiful uncut dick.

19 minutes in the movie, Lucas Papa is undressing to shower. We briefly see his dick.

20 minutes in the movie, we see Darío Miño's butt. Then we see Gaston Re's uncut dick.

21 minutes in the movie, we see the dicks of Darío Miño and Lucas Papa.

image 2892

Will Young in Mrs Henderson Presents (2005)

Will Young, openly gay, is briefly seen completely naked around 40 minutes in the movie. We see his big ass, and although he is sideways, we can clearly see he has a very large and long uncut dick. We will hopefully get to see more of naked Will Young soon.

image 4854

Franck Dubosc in À nous les garçons (1985)

8 minutes in the movie, there is a nice shower scene, where 4 handsome young men are showering. We see their nice long uncut dicks and firm butts. It's hard to tell who they are, so they are not credited to this post. However, just after this scene, Franck Dubosc is naked in the locker room. We get a good frontal from him as well as a clear rear view. Franck Dubosc has a rather small uncut dick. Later in the movie, there is a dark scene where we see his butt again. He has a very lean body.

image 7481

Marco Bechis in Garage Olimpo (1999)

45 minutes in the movie, Marco Bechis is pushed in a hallway, naked and handcuffed. We can see his uncut dick dangling around. In the next scene he is tied naked to a table and we can clearly see his uncut penis. 51 minutes in the movie, someone enters his torture cell and we can again see his penis from a different angle.

image 5586

Daniel, Chris Raines, Vicente Pinho Neto and Richard Blondel in Destricted (2006)

There are 8 stories in this movie. The first one is "Balkan Erotic Epic". We see some guys naked with uncut dicks front and back, but no close up. Two actors have a big uncut dick while the others are average. The second story is "Impaled". In that story we see a bunch of young guys who discuss porn. They also show their dicks with great close up. Most of them are cut. One of them, Daniel who has a big cut dick, is filmed making love to a woman. He cums at the end in the mouth of that woman. The third story is "Death Valley". We see Chris Raines masturbating his big cut dick. The fourth story is "Hoist". Vicente Pinho Neto is a very hot man with a huge uncut dick, that we see getting erect. He is playing a lot with it in a work environment until he cums. The firth story is "We Fuck Alone". The story is hard to watch as it is filmed exclusively with a strobing effect. Richard Blondel shows his big uncut dick as he makes love in various situations.

image 8780

Tayte Hanson, Ben Baur, David Garelik, Marc Sinoway, Michael Sirow, Nic Cory, Hunter Hoffman and Blaine Pennington in Hunting Season (2015)

Hunting Season episodes can be purchased on Vimeo

10 minutes in the first episode of season 2, we see Tayte Hanson's cut penis has he pulls it out of his pants to pee. We see his penis again when he pees.

In the first minute of episode 2, we see Ben Baur's ass. We also see his pubes as he is getting out of bed.

2 minutes in episode 2, we see David Garelik's butt.

3 minutes in episode 2, we see Marc Sinoway's butt.

9 minutes in episode 2, we see Nic Cory's butt.

image 7097

Thyago Alves and Massimo Poggio in David's Birthday (2009)

34 minutes in the movie, Thyago Alves is showering by the sea in his swimsuit. No real nudity but some nice views of his amazing body. 50 minutes in the movie, we see Massimo Poggio in a shower. We only see his butt. 70 minutes in the movie, Thyago Alves is getting naked and masturbating. We only see part of his dick and through his underwear, which appears to be uncut and rather small. We also see his butt. 91 minutes in the movie, Thyago Alves and Massimo Poggio are making love. We see Thyago Alves hairy ass and legs. We see a full frontal of Massimo Poggio.