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Alex González in Scorpion in Love (2013)

22 minutes in the movie, Álex González is getting outside of the shower with a towel. The towel is make visible the bulge of his impressive penis.
50 minutes in the movie, Álex González is making love to a woman. We see his firm butt and very muscular body. Some frontal is visible but dark and hard to distinguish.
52 minutes in the movie, Álex González is in a hot shower scene with a girl. We then see his butt when he gets out in the hallway.
As the girl moves, we briefly see his dick from the side.

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Ulysse Grosjean in Heat Wave (2011)

45 minutes in the movie, Ulysse Grosjean is taking a shower. Fortunately for us, the camera films everything, including his big thick uncut dick. It is filmed sideways, so we get to see both his dick and his butt.

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Mark Portus, Ryan Dungo and Dennis Torres in Sagwan (2009)

2 minutes in the movie, Mark Portus is receiving oral sex and as he goes to pull up his pants we get a nice closeup of his dick.
16 minutes in the movie, we see Ryan Dungo's dick as he is urinating and then stroking himself.
42 minutes in the movie, we get a shot of Mark Portus' erect dick when he is with a client. We briefly see the client's penis and ass, as well.
60 minutes in the movie, we see a side view of Ryan Dungo taking a shower. We can also see part of his dick from the side.

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Michael Molina, Matt Cannon, Joe Almanza, Grant Barker, Houston Bernard and Scott Spragg in 2 Minutes Later (2007)

14 minutes in the movie, there is a naked photoshoot of Grant Barker. He has a nice body and a good cut dick.
19 minutes in the movie, we see pictures of another photoshoot with Joe Almanza naked. He has a cut dick.
20 minutes in the movie, we see Grant Barker naked again.
and then Scott Spragg naked. He has a guiche piercing.
We see his butt but we do not get see his penis.
Then we see Houston Bernard. He has a large cut dick.
22 minutes in the movie, we see Michael Molina naked, but only his butt.

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Joseph Morgan, Don Gilet and Adam Rayner in The Line of Beauty (2006)

This three part mini-series is interesting. In the first part we see Don Gilet's butt twice. First we see his crack in his pants as he is kneeling down and then later when he is taking a shower. In the second part, we see the butt of Adam Rayner as he is kissing Alex Wyndham. we don't see real nudity of the main actors Dan Stevens and Alex Wyndham, but we see them in swim wear. They have unimpressive bulges at that time. In the second part, we also see the butt of Joseph Morgan. Joseph Morgan is a very good looking blonde. He is wearing a thong, so we can see his butt when he is swimming and when he is leaving the swimming pool. In the pool, he is fooling around with his girlfriend, and he is displaying a very impressing bulge. He was clearing enjoying the scene with his big hard-on.

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Ryan Reynolds in Van Wilder: Party Liaison (2002)

Ryan Reynolds shows his butt at the beginning of the movie. No frontal but a good view at his bottom.
There are several naked scenes in the movie, but not revealing any further frontal or rear nudity.

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Eric Schaeffer in Fall (1997)

Right at the beginning of the movie, Eric Schaeffer appears fully naked but from a distance. We can however distinguish his thick cut dick.
42 minutes in the movie, Eric Schaeffer is again naked in a kitchen. The scene is dark so we cannot see all the details, but when he opens the fridge, his big penis clearly appears.
51 minutes in the movie, we see his smooth ass as he is laying down on top of a woman.
85 minutes in the movie, Eric Schaeffer is naked again based on the same scene as at the very beginning but with more footage.

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Martin Compston in The Disappearance of Alice Creed (2009)

Martin Compston ends up making love naked on a bed. But the girl ties him to the bed, which gives us the opportunity of looking at him completely naked. Interestingly, when he first realizes that he got tied, he displays a big chubby. His dick is big, thick and uncut. Later as he keeps on fighting to free himself up, his penis has returned to a smaller state. We also get plenty butt shots during that scene.

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Adam Croasdell in Flyfishing (2002)

Adam Croasdell is a very cute young man. He shows us nudity in two scenes. In a first scene, he goes to pee in the bathroom during the night. As he leaves the bed and before he puts a towel around his waist, we get a good view at his butt. Later when he returns to bed, he drops his towel and we get a quick view at his fine uncut penis. In a later scene, he goes to shower and we get a good view at his butt again.