image 8821

Harris Dickinson in Beach Rats (2017)

31 minutes in the movie, Harris Dickinson is trimming his pubes and we see part of his dick at that time.
Then he showers and we see his butt and his big uncut dick.

34 minutes in the movie, Harris Dickinson goes to swim naked and we see his butt. The scene is dark though.

51 minutes in the movie, Harris Dickinson is naked in a gay love scene. We briefly see his butt and dick. At the end of the scene, his big dick is erect!

image 4882

Reino Nordin, Jarkko Niemi and Ville Kivelä in Young Gods (2003)

Reino Nordin, Jarkko Niemi and Ville Kivelä are friends who spend most of the movie naked and filming each other having sex. Reino Nordin has a relatively medim size uncut dick and a very nice body. Jarkko Niemi has a nice uncut dick. Ville Kivelä has a small penis. Over 1 hour in the movie there is an S&M scene involving Reino Nordin chained naked to a bed.

image 1433

Knut Berger and Lior Ashkenazi in Walk On Water (2004)

Knut Berger shows us everything while taking a shower and we see a close up of his nice uncut penis while he dresses up. Just earlier Lior Ashkenazi was rubbing his back with sun lotion and we see Lior completely naked too but more rapidly (his penis is cut).

image 1532

Antoine Basler in Dobermann (1997)

Antoine Basler is seen completely naked in this French movie. First he is making love to a woman on a pool table and we get to view his butt in details. Then the police arrives and handcuffs him. The policeman shoves a dildo in his mouth! After the policeman gets killed, Antoine is released and we get to see his uncut penis a couple of times.

image 8705

Felix Eitner in The Trio (1998)

69 minutes in the movie, Felix Eitner is naked taking a shower. We first see his butt, and then as he turns around and faces the camera for quite a while, we get a good view at his uncut penis and big balls.

image 8611

Jamie Campbell Bower and James Purefoy in Camelot (2011)

7 minutes in the the pilot episode, Jamie Campbell Bower is naked but we don't see much.
20 minutes in the episode, James Purefoy is naked making love to a woman. When he flips over her, we clearly see his butt.
44 minutes in the movie, Jamie Campbell Bower is dreaming. In his dreams he is naked. We see his nice butt as he is making love to a girl.

image 8630

Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss and Dieter Bach in Return to Go!

21 minutes in the movie, we see Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss's butt as he is on top of Dieter Bach.
As he moves out, we see Dieter Bach's butt also.
23 minutes in the movie, we see Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss's balls too as he returns in bed with Dieter Bach.
24 minutes in the movie, as Dieter Bach is now out of bed, we remotely see his balls and dick, from behind, in between his legs.

image 4019

Joe Lia and Lance Lee Davis in FAQs (2005)

Joe Lia has a very nice hairy body. He shows us everything! There is one scene where we can see his nice cut dick and big low hanging balls, and also his firm butt. He shows us his butt in following scenes too. He is hosted by a drag queen, whose policy is to be naked 2 hours per day. Good for us! The other comedian showing nudity is Lance Lee Davis. He only shows us rear nudity, and in one scene where he makes love to Joe Lia.