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Jesse Spencer in Death in Holy Orders (2003)

Mid movie, Jesse Spencer, the famous doctor or House M.D., goes running naked to the ocean. We first see his butt, slightly out of focus. No full frontal at that time, although when he is running, we almost get to see his dick. At the beginning of the second part, we see him swimming again, and we see clearly his butt, and then again when he gets back to the beach. Towards the end of the second part, Jesse is naked again on the beach. But a frontal is avoided by the camera and we only get to see his butt. Only the DVD documentary includes extra shooting of Jesse Spencer frontal nudity at the beach. The last two pictures are from that documentary, as provided by

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Tom Hardy in Sergeant Slaughter, My Big Brother (2011)

In this short movie, Tom Hardy is proudly showing his naked body for one long minute. He even plays the helicopter with his dick. We can clearly admire his nice big uncut penis, huge balls and also his butt. Overall a very short movie, with a very hot minute of Tom Hardy naked.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Mysterious Skin (2004)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets grabs 23 minutes in the movie through his jeans which already indicates a pretty big package. He makes a pretty hot face when he cums in that same scene. 62 minutes in the movie, he undresses. We see his butt with his butt checks wide open as he stretches to undress. For a few frames, as he is turning and undressing, we get a few frames with his hot circumcised cock on film. You need to pause frame by frame to see it. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a big cut cock. 81 minutes in the movie, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is naked again. We see primarily his butt and again for 3 minutes. We can sometimes see the tip of his balls and dick in between his legs.

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Harry Lampl in Initiation (2009)

27 minutes in the movie, we see Harry Lampl fully naked. He has a cover around his waist, but when he stands the cover falls on the floor and reveals his nice uncut cock. Soon after we also see his butt. 56 minutes in the movie, we see his butt again but from a distance. He is doing a show shaking his bootie. 64 minutes in the movie, we clearly see his butt as he is forced to making love to a woman.

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Israel Rodriguez in Clandestinos (2007)

At first there is an unidentied naked guy in a shower. We can see his white butt. Then he exits the shower and we can see his dick. After their escape, we see Israel Rodriguez shower. He has an amazing big uncut dick. After dinner he drops his towel and we have a clear view of his butt. Israel is gay in the movie. He sleeps with the old man he is staying at. In the morning as he leaves the bed, we have another frontal view.

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Juan Manuel Martino and Charly Etchévers in We Are Thr3e (2018)

30 minutes in the movie, we see Charly Etchévers's butt.

31 minutes in the movie, we see Juan Manuel Martino's butt. Then we see his big uncut and hard cock.

32 minutes in the movie, we see Charly Etchévers's uncut penis. Then we can another delicious view at Juan Manuel Martino's soft penis.

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Pierre Prieur and Christopher Himmelstein in Bizarre (2015)

15 minutes in the movie, we see Pierre Prieur's uncut penis as 2 girls next to him unveil the bed cover.

21 minutes in the movie, we briefly see Pierre Prieur's uncut penis and butt in the shower.

44 minutes in the movie, we see Pierre Prieur's butt and uncut penis as he is getting out of the gym shower. Then we see his butt in the locker room.
We also see Charlie Himmelstein's butt and then in the locker room very briefly his big cut cock.

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Svetozar Cvetkovic in Montenegro (1981)

One hour in the movie, we see Svetozar Cvetkovic's taking a shower. He carefully scrubs his whole body at our benefit. The way he cleans his nice uncut dick is also very erotic. We see Svetozar Cvetkovic's butt towards the end of the movie.

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Leandro Stivelman in Don't Look Down (2008)

Leandro Stivelman is naked for most part of the movie, along with Antonella Costa. We get a very good view of his dick and a decent view of his ass at several occasions. Leandro has a very nice and pretty big uncut dick. It is pretty thick. The area is pretty bushy. Clearly no manscaping there, Leandro seems to prefer it au naturel! If you like Leandro, you will love this movie. He clearly has no problem with nudity and plays pretty real with Antonella, touching her pussy and licking her tits while she also touches his semi-hard penis.