Pierre Prieur and Christopher Himmelstein in Bizarre (2015)



Highlight: 15 minutes in the movie, we see Pierre Prieur's uncut penis as 2 girls next to him unveil the bed cover. 21 minutes in the movie, we briefly see Pierre Prieur's uncut penis and butt in the shower. 44 minutes in the movie, we see Pierre Prieur's butt and uncut penis as he is getting out of the gym shower. Then we see his butt in the locker room. We also see Charlie Himmelstein's butt and then in the locker room very briefly his big cut cock. 52 minutes in the movie, Pierre Prieur walks into his bedroom ad finds Christopher Himmelstein dressing up. He is naked and we clearly see his big cut cock. We see Adrian James naked on a bed. But we cannot clearly see his dick. We only see his pubes.

Naked actors:

Circumcision status: Cut, Uncut
Director: Etienne Faure
Main stars: Pierre Prieur, Adrian James, Raquel Nave
Year: 2015
Genre: Drama, Romance
IMDB Score: 7
Duration: 98 min
IMDB Description: Maurice is a French teenager who escaped France and begins working at a hype club in Brooklyn called BIZARRE. He quickly becomes a sort of 'mascot' of this incredible club.The owner and the artists that perform there love him, but Maurice can't love...because of the past...and his secrets.
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