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Thiago Cazado and Paulo Sousa in Cousins (2019)

13 minutes in the movie, we see Thiago Cazado's dick. His dick is uncut but with a short foreskin.

40 minutes in the movie, we see Thiago Cazado's butt as he lays naked on a bed.

43 minutes in the movie, Thiago Cazado is getting naked again. We see his penis and his butt.

45 min Paulo Sousa is also getting naked. We see his big uncut dick, hit butt and both actors naked as they engage in a long sensual and sexual scene.

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Mark Gerber in Sirens (1993)

Mark Gerber is seen first naked 45 minutes in the movie. He is naked by a lake. Then he starts masturbating. In a later scene, Mark Gerber poses as a nude model. We get to see his cut dick in close-up. It's pretty impressive! Mark is quite a hunk!

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Jake Christian, Matthew Montgomery and Windham Beacham in Long-Term Relationship (2006)

In the first minute of the movie, we see Matthew Montgomery's butt. 3 minutes in the movie, we also see Jake Christian fully naked. He has a nice uncut dick. 44 minutes in the movie, we see the butts of both Matthew Montgomery and Windham Beacham. 54 minutes in the movie, we briefly see Matthew Montgomery's cut penis and then a lot more when he walks naked in the kitchen.

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Didier Toupy in Eldorado (2008)

Didier Toupy is a naturist camper in the movie and calls himself Alain Delon. 41 minutes in the movie, we see Didier Toupy walking naked from his RV towards the camera. Didier Toupy has a rather big uncut dick.

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar in Franklin & Bash (2010)

In this TV show, Mark-Paul Gosselaar shows us some skin in the pilot. He is naked in a hot tub, when a friend asks for him. He gets out of the hot tub, and the camera spends a good amount of time filming his butt. A nice butt! Good job Mark-Paul! Hopefully more skin and a frontal from him soon! Mark-Paul is known to be uncut, but we would like to make sure!

image 8625

Andrew Rannells in Girls (2013)

Andrew Rannells is getting naked in episode 1 of season 2. He is undressing and making love to a girl on a couch.
As he does, we get a good view at his butt.

image 4778

Pablo Puyol in 20 Centimeters (2005)

We get to see a few times Mónica Cervera's huge 8 inch prosthetic penis. Her boyfriend Pablo Puyol, does not mind that she has a penis... he actually enjoys taking it up the ass. Pablo Puyol is seen completely naked in a scene in the kitchen after he makes love for the first time with Monica. He arrives completely naked, with an impressive chubby. Instead of covering his genitals, he proudly display the goods and finally shows us his butt when he returns to the bedroom.

image 5474

Ben Affleck and Sam Rockwell in Glory Daze (1995)

Right at the beginning of the movie, we see Ben Affleck, with its hairy chest, getting out of bed shirtless, and as he goes to the bathroom, we see Sam Rockwell in the shower. We see Sam Rockwell's through the curtain, but quite clearly, as he is heads out the shower, we see part of his penis. 21 minutes in the movie, Ben Affleck is dressed as a clown. He drops his pants, and then his boxers. He reveals a fine butt.

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