Didier Toupy in Eldorado (2008)



Highlight: Didier Toupy is a naturist camper in the movie and calls himself Alain Delon. 41 minutes in the movie, we see Didier Toupy walking naked from his RV towards the camera. Didier Toupy has a rather big uncut dick.

Naked actors:

Circumcision status: Uncut
Director: Bouli Lanners
Main stars: Bouli Lanners, Fabrice Adde, Philippe Nahon
Year: 2008
Genre: Comedy, Drama
IMDB Score: 6.7
Duration: 80 min
IMDB Description: Yvan finds a burglar in his house. He doesn't call the police and decides to give the young man a lift home to his parents. Yvan finds a burglar in his house. After some consideration, Yvan decides not to call the police and to drop the lad near the nearby city but he ends up giving him a lift home to his parents. Together, they travel through Belgium and meet some extraordinary people and find themselves in ditto situations.
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