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Issues 101

Naked actors:

Circumcision status: Cut
Director: John Lincoln
Main stars: Michael Rozman, Dennis W. Rittenhouse Jr., Jeff Sublett
Genre: Drama, Romance
IMDB Score: 2.5
Duration: 90 min
IMDB Description: College freshman Joe is new to school when he mistakes a rush invitation for a come-on from a cute fraternity brother. He's no less confused after a hazing ritual between him and Christian, his "big brother" in the Greek system, takes and intense and intimate turn. After Joe sets Christian "straight" about his sexual interests, Christian confesses that he himself is straight-but with "issues". A twisted lover triangle forms when the confused Christian turns a romantic weekend getaway with his girlfriend into a double-date; inviting along his gay sibling Michael and "little brother" Joe. Trouble starts when Michael and Joe hit it off and Christian is left to face his own issues, straight or otherwise.
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NGIM Description

The first guy we see naked is Dennis W. Rittenhouse Jr. We see his butt at several occasions throughout the movie, and we also see his covered frontal at the beginning of the movie. Michael Haboush shows us a nice frontal while changing clothes after sport. He is clearly not shy of his nice body and cut dick. Jeff Sublett plays Michael Rozman's boyfriend and has one scene naked where we can see his butt partially.