Vincent Perez in Queen Margot (1994)


Queen Margot

Highlight: 50 minutes in the movie, Vincent Perez is wounded, and as they remove his clothes, we get a good view at his sweet uncut dick and lean butt. 95 minutes in the movie, there is a love scene with Vincent Perez, and we see his bubble butt and then his penis with a clean full frontal after his leaves the bed.

Naked actors:

Circumcision status: Uncut
Original title : La reine Margot
Director: Patrice Chéreau
Main stars: Daniel Auteuil, Isabelle Adjani, Jean-Hugues Anglade
Year: 1994
Genre: Biography, Drama, History
IMDB Score: 7.4
Duration: 162 min
IMDB Description: Young Queen Margot finds herself trapped in an arranged marriage amidst a religious war between Catholics and Protestants. She hopes to escape with a new lover, but finds herself imprisoned by her powerful and ruthless family. The night of August 24, 1572, is known as the Massacre of St. Bartholomew. In France a religious war is raging. In order to impose peace a forced wedding is arranged between Margot de Valois, sister of the immature Catholic King Charles IX, and the Hugenot King Henri of Navarre. Catherine of Medici maintains her behind-the-scenes power by ordering assaults, poisonings, and instigations to incest.
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