Patrick Dewaere in The Best Way to Walk (1976)


The Best Way to Walk

Highlight: 40 minutes in the movie, Patrick Dewaere drops his pants and reveals his butt. Then he turns towards the cameras and proudly shows his flaccid uncut dick. He is also often in tight underwear or swimwear during the movie.

Naked actors:

Circumcision status: Uncut
Original title : La meilleure façon de marcher
Director: Claude Miller
Main stars: Patrick Dewaere, Patrick Bouchitey, Christine Pascal
Year: 1976
Genre: Drama
IMDB Score: 7
Duration: 82 min
IMDB Description: In a vacation camp somewhere in the French country, 1960. Marc et Philippe are two of the counsellors. Marc is very virile, while Philippe is more reserved. A night, Marc surprises Philippe dressed and made-up like a woman. From now on, he will keep on humiliating Philippe...
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