Martin Hedman in Kärlekens Språk 2000 (2004)


Language of Love

Highlight: Martin Hedman is not the only naked guy in this movie. This movie was initially a sexual education document targeted towards teens. It is incredibly hot and loaded with sex. Martin can be seen naked front and back, masturbating, ejaculating, unrolling a condom over his super-sized uncircumcised dick, getting a hard-on, and making love. Everything in great details and for real. Very very impressive. Some other guys are also very cute in this movie, but they show a little bit less.

Naked actors:

Circumcision status: Uncut
Original title : Kärlekens språk 2000
Director: Anders Lennberg
Main stars: Regina Lund, Jan Mybrand, Bert-Åke Varg
Year: 2004
Genre: Drama
IMDB Score: 2.8
Duration: 96 min
IMDB Description:
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