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Le plaisir de chanter

Naked actors:

Circumcision status: Uncut
Director: Ilan Duran Cohen
Main stars: Jeanne Balibar, Lorànt Deutsch, Marina Foïs
Genre: Comedy
IMDB Score: 6
Duration: 99 min
IMDB Description: A banker has died. He trafficked in nuclear material, so French intelligence assign two agents to find his list of contacts, which are on a flash drive: Muriel - the boss, acerbic, willing to sleep with any man, wondering if she should have a child - and Philippe, younger, boyish, meticulous, bothered by Muriel's frank sexual interest. They watch Constance, the banker's widow: a naïf, friendly, open, trusting. She's taking opera lessons, so the French spies join the class, which Muriel enjoys. It seems that other spies are after the same USB, and some of them sing as well. Singing, spying, and sex lead to duets of all kinds as well as to an eventual showdown.
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Julien Baumgartner in Le Plaisir de Chanter (2008)

Lorant Deutsch and Julien Baumgartner star in this movie. Julien Baumgartner is a handsome French actor who played in a number of movies, in particular "Sexy Boys" or "You'll Get Over It". In this movie, whose story is somewhat complicated, he plays a part of the movie completely naked. He clearly has nothing to be ashamed for!


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