Joe Dallesandro and John Putnam in Trash (1970)



Highlight: For the first 10 minutes of the movie, Joe Dallesandro is naked. We first see his bubble butt and then his big circumcised dick. No need to pause the movie, as there are a full 10 minutes of full frontal and rear nudity. His dick is then half erect. His pubes are untrimed and somewhat bushy. 25 minutes in the movie, a girl takes Joe Dallesandro's cock out of his underwear and we see his butt again 28 minutes in the movie as he is making love to the girl. 39 minutes in the movie, we see John Putnam's butt and dick. He is also circumcised. His pubes are extremely bushy. 50 minutes in the movie, Joe Dallesandro is taking a bath for 8 minutes and we can admire his body at length. There is a girl in the bathroom with him that find his dick "rather large". 66 minutes in the movie, we see Joe Dallesandro's dick again for 4 minutes and finally at the last minute of the movie again.

Naked actors:

Circumcision status: Cut
Director: Paul Morrissey
Main stars: Joe Dallesandro, Holly Woodlawn, Geri Miller
Year: 1970
Genre: Drama
IMDB Score: 5.7
Duration: 110 min
IMDB Description:
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