James Townsend, Alex Wilson, Chase Fleming, Jason Shepard, David Wright, Dylan Jordan, Mike Domianus and Ryan Bauer in Sideline Secrets (2008)


Sideline Secrets

Highlight: There is a LOT of nudity in this nice and entertaining movie. It starts with James Townsend, the main character of this movie. At first, we only see him playing with himself without revealing any real nudity. Later in the movie, we see him showering, with close-up filming of his dick and balls. He has a nice and long cut dick. He befriends with Alex Wilson, and we see both of them naked, making love, including frontal and rear shots of Alex Wilson. Alex is also cut. Earl McDougle plays a detective. Towards the end of the movie, we see him running naked out of the shower to catch a phone call. He has a very long cut dick. David Wright and Jason Shepard play abused kids. We see David Wright frontal and rear. David is cut and his dick is rather small. Jason is only see rear naked and the frontal only reveals his pubes. Chase Fleming is also briefly seen naked. His has a thick cut dick. Mike Domianus shows full frontal and rear nudity during a fantasy scene where he plays an electrician. Mike has a nice rather long cut dick. Ryan Bauer is also briefly seen naked, displaying his big cut dick on a picture shown on screen.

Naked actors:

Circumcision status: Cut
Director: Steven Vasquez
Main stars: James Townsend, Alex Wilson, Dan Swett
Year: 2008
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance
IMDB Score: 3.5
Duration: 96 min
IMDB Description: "Sideline Secrets" follows the story of high-schooler Devon Tyler. With the perfect girlfriend, a successful family, being at the top of his class and about to graduate, all seems perfect. However underneath it all, all is not what it seems. With the heightened awareness of his sexual identity, the screaming and slamming doors of his feuding parents and an overbearing persona of his girlfriend put forth, things couldn't get more difficult... or so he thinks. That is until a new boy enters his life and proves to be the missing key that brings everything together... Full of romance, suspense and secrets abound, "Sideline Secrets" is sure to leave you on the sidelines wanting more!
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