Hubert Benhamdine and Hicham Nazzal in I Dreamt Under the Water (2008)


I Dreamt Under the Water

Highlight: Hubert Benhamdine likes guys. We see him getting fucked in a cruising park. We don't see him naked there but we see dick and ass from the other guys he is having sex with. Mid-movie, Hubert Benhamdine is in bed with Hicham Nazzal. When Hubert leaves the bed, we see his pubes and his ass. Then we see Hicham's dick. He has a rather long cut penis. Later when Hubert takes a bath with a girl, we finally see this uncut dick, and also his crack, balls hair and butt. We see again rear nudity from him later in the movie.

Naked actors:

Circumcision status: Uncut, Cut
Original title : J'ai Rêvé Sous l'Eau
Director: Hormoz
Main stars: Hubert Benhamdine, Caroline Ducey, Christine Boisson
Year: 2008
Genre: Romance
IMDB Score: 5
Duration: 99 min
IMDB Description:
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