Finnegan Oldfield, Fred Hotier and Lorenzo Lefèbvre in Bang Gang (a modern love story) (2015)


Bang Gang (a modern love story)

Highlight: 7 minutes in the movie, Finnegan Oldfield and Fred Hotier are going to swim naked. We see their butts as their run to the ocean. 12 minutes the movie, Fred Hotier is getting undressed and is dancing naked, playing helicopter with his dick. We get a great view at his uncut penis and big balls. 57 minutes in the movie, we see the butts and uncut dicks of some extras, wandering around naked. At the end of the movie, 93 minutes in the movie, we see Lorenzo Lefèbvre's butt. 94 minutes in the movie, we see Finnegan Oldfield's uncut dick. We also see Lorenzo Lefèbvre's penis behind.

Naked actors:

Circumcision status: Uncut
Original title : Bang Gang (une histoire d'amour moderne)
Director: Eva Husson
Main stars: Finnegan Oldfield, Marilyn Lima, Lorenzo Lefèbvre
Year: 2015
Genre: Drama
IMDB Score: 5.5
Duration: 98 min
IMDB Description: In a small town of France, life seems to be still and somewhat boring for a group of teenage friends, who day in, day out, are asked to cope not only with the usual issues in the life of a high school student but also with the search for love and sex. How do you blow the steam off, when you are a puzzled, sexually-frustrated youngster? Eventually, a party is thrown on a Saturday night and the solution is about to be found in a very simple idea... A game of truth or dare that will be rapidly transformed into a mandatory, dare only, series of sexy challenges between friends, will provide the means to unfold the true self and hidden potential in everyone present. Beer, drugs, spin the bottle and the
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