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image 8808

Eric Debets and Jonathan Blanc in Hollywood, je t'aime (2009)

6 minutes in the movie, Jonathan Blanc is being fucked by Donovan McGrath. We see his butt at the end of the scene.

49 minutes in the movie, there is a hot kiss scene between Eric Debets and Scott Romstadt.

50 minutes in the movie, we see Eric Debets' pubes and the beginning of this dick.

83 minutes in the movie, we see Eric Debets' impressive uncut dick, and then his butt as he turns around. There is ample time to see his dick as he wanders around naked in the house.

image 8738

Roman Knizka in Fashion Victims (2007)

77 minutes in the movie, Roman Knizka gets out of bed. While the action is fast, we can see Roman Knizka's dick and balls bouncing when he gets out of bed, and then we see his butt.

image 4019

Joe Lia and Lance Lee Davis in FAQs (2005)

Joe Lia has a very nice hairy body. He shows us everything! There is one scene where we can see his nice cut dick and big low hanging balls, and also his firm butt. He shows us his butt in following scenes too. He is hosted by a drag queen, whose policy is to be naked 2 hours per day. Good for us! The other comedian showing nudity is Lance Lee Davis. He only shows us rear nudity, and in one scene where he makes love to Joe Lia.

image 4812

Gerard Butler and Billy Connolly in Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown (1997)

28 minutes in the movie, Gerard Butler and Billy Connolly both undress completely to go swim in the ocean. As they run naked we see their penises flopping around and then their butts. The scene is not very long but it is very clear. Both have good-sized uncut penises. Gerard Butler has a nicer butt as he is younger.

image 2761

Jesse Spencer in Death in Holy Orders (2003)

Mid movie, Jesse Spencer, the famous doctor or House M.D., goes running naked to the ocean. We first see his butt, slightly out of focus. No full frontal at that time, although when he is running, we almost get to see his dick. At the beginning of the second part, we see him swimming again, and we see clearly his butt, and then again when he gets back to the beach. Towards the end of the second part, Jesse is naked again on the beach. But a frontal is avoided by the camera and we only get to see his butt. Only the DVD documentary includes extra shooting of Jesse Spencer frontal nudity at the beach. The last two pictures are from that documentary, as provided by

image 4226

Christopher Jones, John de los Santos and David Matherly in R U Invited? (2006)

Christopher Jones is first seen naked at the very beginning of the movie, as he gets out of bed. We see his butt first and then his long cut dick as he dresses back up. Later, almost one hour in the movie there is a kiss scene where Christopher Jones is naked. As someone walks in on them, we briefly see Christopher Jones' penis again. A pretty impressive chubby. To join this party there is a screening process. David Matherly gets naked pictures taken from him. We see several full frontal views of him during the photo shoot. He has very big balls and a pretty thick cut dick. And also a very nice body!

image 5664

Brendan Hines in Ordinary Sinner (2001)

16 minutes in the movie, Brendan Hines gets undressed. He is ashamed because he has too much hair (according to him). We see his pubic hair which is untrimmed, and then we see his butt while the camera is very close to it.

image 8814

Sullivan Stapleton, Philip Winchester and Matthew Leitch in Strike Back (2010)

In season 2, episode 7, at the beginning of the episode, Sullivan Stapleton has a long sex scene. We see his smooth butt and his hairy chest.

In season 2, episode 8, 3 minutes in the episode, Matthew Leitch is naked in bed. We see his nice butt. Then, when he turns offer, we see his balls in between his legs, and brielfy, the tip of his uncut dick.

In season 2, episode 9, 5 minutes in the episode, Philip Winchester is naked in bed. We see his amazing body, as well as his pubes.

In season 3, episode 3, 13 minutes in the episode, we see Sullivan Stapleton's butt.

image 8683

Brad Gorton in Get Real (1998)

51 minutes in the movie, Brad Gorton is naked on the bed. As he stands out of bed to put his underwear back on, we get a very good view at his butt.
There are also several scenes where he can be seen shirtless or in sportwear throughout the movie.