image 8017

Stanley Weber in Juste un peu d'@mour (2009)

Stanley Weber is taking a bath 15 minutes in the movie. As he leaves the tub, we get a quick glance at his nice uncut dick. There are other shirtless scenes from him in the movie.

image 8806

Michael A. Guzman, Gil Bar-Sela and Tim Swain in Between Something & Nothing (2008)

6 minutes in the movie, Michael A. Guzman is naked. We see his big thick penis as he is posing. We also see his butt.

13 minutes in the movie, we again see Michael A. Guzman's massive dick as well as his butt.

58 minutes in the movie, we see Gil Bar-Sela's butt. Then we see Tim Swain's butt.

97 minutes in the movie, we see the butt of an extra.

image 8770

Chris Messina in 28 Hotel Rooms (2012)

In the first minute, we see Chris Messina's butt as he is making love

36 minutes in the movie, we see Chris Messina's penis and butt, as he is dancing naked on a balcony.

image 8654

Stathis Papadopoulos and Dimitris Papoulidis in From the Edge of the City (1998)

10 minutes in the movie, there are quick snapshots of Stathis Papadopoulos naked, including shots of his erect penis.
42 minutes in the movie, Stathis Papadopoulos is taking a shower. We see his butt and also his chubby uncut dick while he washes it.
Then Dimitris Papoulidis gets naked and joins Stathis Papadopoulos to shower together. We see Dimitris Papoulidis uncut dick as he comes to the shower.

image 6132

Tom Berenger in In Praise of Older Women (1978)

32 minutes in the movie, we see Tom Berenger's butt in a mirror as he is making love to a woman. We see Tom Berenger naked numerous times throughout the movie although he is hiding his genitals. 64 minutes in the movie, we see a close up view of his bubble butt. 67 minutes in the movie, Tom Berenger finally shows us his circumcised penis as he is wearing only a shirt and lifts a woman up in his arms. 81 minutes in the movie, we clearly see Tom Berenger's package as he flips around naked on a bed. And again a few minutes after we get a brief view at his dick and hanging balls. 103 minutes in the movie, we see Tom Berenger's butt as he undresses and when he gets on the bed. We also see his balls from behind hanging between his legs.

image 4191

Jacob Matschenz in Beats Being Dead (2011)

In this movie, Jacob Matschenz ends up naked near a lake. First we see his butt when he undresses. Later when he escapes, we get a good view at his dick. He has a fairly long dick with a very long foreskin that is see hanging and flopping around as he runs.