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Mark Priestley, Leon Ford, Matthew Whittet and Stephen Curry in Changi (2001)

In this short series, you have to wait for episode 2 to get nudity. Mark Priestley and Leon Ford show us full frontal and rear also. Mark Priestley has a nice cut dick. Leon Ford has a smaller uncut dick. In episode 3, there is additional nudity from Leon Ford, but only rear. In episode 5, Stephen Curry is naked but we mainly see his bushy pubes which are hiding his dick. We see it better but from further away when he is taken out of the room. We see his butt at that time too. When they are outside the barracks, we see Stephen Curry big cut dick and ass better. In episode 6, Mark Priestley is taking a shower outside in the nude with Matthew Whittet. We only see Mark Priestley butt and pubes in that scene, but we see Matthew Whittet's butt and nice uncut chubby. They are even comparing their dicks sizes when showering. These hot guys are also shirtless most of the time!

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Jonathan Bailey in Broadchurch (2013)

14 minutes in episode 5 of season 1, we see Jonathan Bailey's butt as he is getting out of bed naked.
After he puts a brief on, he faces the camera and reveals a nice bulge, not leaving much to imagination.

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Marco Bechis in Garage Olimpo (1999)

45 minutes in the movie, Marco Bechis is pushed in a hallway, naked and handcuffed. We can see his uncut dick dangling around. In the next scene he is tied naked to a table and we can clearly see his uncut penis. 51 minutes in the movie, someone enters his torture cell and we can again see his penis from a different angle.

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Jack O'Connell in Starred Up (2013)

Right at the beginning of the movie, Jack O'Connell is inspected by the jail guards. He is completely naked, we see his uncut dick and his firm butt.

41 minutes in the movie, we briefly see his butt.

63 minutes in the movie, Jack O'Connell is attacked while taking a shower. We get a long and great view at his dick and balls.

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Brendan Fehr and Andre Noble in Sugar (2004)

13 minutes in the movie, Andre Noble and Brendan Fehr get in a limousine. There are also 3 strippers with them. One of them starts stripping and reveals a big uncut penis with big hanging balls and untrimmed pubic hair. 18 minutes in the movie, Andre Noble is in a bathroom, and he sees another young guy showing his penis to two older men. His penis is uncut. 24 minutes in the movie, Brendan Fehr gets naked out of the shower. We briefly see his nice bubble butt. Brendan is hot when he is asking permission to jack off in the middle of his breakfast, because he is feeling horny.