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Svetozar Cvetkovic in Montenegro (1981)

One hour in the movie, we see Svetozar Cvetkovic's taking a shower. He carefully scrubs his whole body at our benefit. The way he cleans his nice uncut dick is also very erotic. We see Svetozar Cvetkovic's butt towards the end of the movie.

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Sam Rockwell in Lawn Dogs (1997)

At the beginning of the movie, Sam Rockwell strips naked and jumps from a bridge in a river. As he does that, we can see his butt and his dick. He is cut. After his swim, he gets back to his truck naked and we can see him again with a full frontal. Later in the movie, he is having sex with a girl and we can see his butt. His butt looks like a peach with a thin layer of hair.

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Niels Schneider in Odysseus (2013)

Niels Schneider appears naked in episode 1 and episode 6 of this tv show.
In episode 1, we can only see Niels Schneider's butt. He has an amazing butt and also a very nice bubble butt.
Finally in episode 6, Niels Schneider is playing in the sea with another guy. As he moves around, we can see his dick briefly under water.
Also when he gets back from the beach we get frontal and rear nudity from Niels Schneider but from a distance.
Niels Schneider appears to have a large circumcised penis.

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Cyril Descours in Accomplices (2009)

In this movie, Cyril Descours is a male prostitute (gay for pay), who involves his new female lover in his secrete life. We get to see some of his hustler scenes!

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Alfie Allen and Gethin Anthony in Game of Thrones (2011)

Alfie Allen is naked 16 minutes in episode 5 of season 1.
He proudly shows us his massive uncut dock. As his fellow actress says, he is a "serious boy with a serious cock".

Later in the episode, we get a partial butt shot of Gethin Anthony, after he gets a complete shave from his boyfriend Finn Jones.

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Lucas Pittaway and Bob Adriaens in Snowtown (2011)

At the beginning of the movie, we get to see Lucas Pittaway's butt, as he drops his underwear. Later in the movie, he is cleaning a bathtub in his underwear. When he faces the camera, we can tell from the bulge he is a pretty big uncut dick. Bob Adriaens shows frontal nudity. He is a rather small uncut dick.

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Antoine Cholet and Nicolas Gonzales in La commanderie (2010)

In Episode 8 of Season 1, we get brief nudity from Antoine Cholet and Nicolas Gonzales.
At the beginning of the episode, we get a very hot bath scene with Nicolas Gonzales but without full nudity.
Later in the episode, Antoine Cholet and Nicolas Gonzales are both naked one next to another. We clearly see both butts. We then briefly see Antoine Cholet uncut penis, and as they fight naked we can guess what appears to be Nicolas Gonzales bigger penis.