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Hal Sparks, Gale Harold, Peter Paige, Jason Lambert, Randy Harrison, Aaron Bell, Robert Gant and Fab Filippo in Queer as Folk Season 2 (2001)

31 minutes in episode 1 of Season 2, we see Hal Sparks' butt.

16 minutes in episode 2, we see Gale Harold's butt.
23 minutes and 28 minutes in episode 2, we see Peter Paige and Hal Sparks' butts.

8 minutes in episode 3, we see Peter Paige naked.

14 minutes in episode 4, we see the butt of Jason Lambert.

4 minutes in episode 5, we see the butt of Randy Harrison, and then the butt of Gale Harold.
40 minutes in episode 5, we see Gale Harold's dick as he walks out of the shower.

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Francisco Rey and Carlos Ramírez in Sin Destino (2002)

The movie stars off with Francisco Rey masturbating in the shower, although we cannot see his penis. Then throughout the movie, we see Francisco more or less naked, as he playing the role of a gay-for-pay hustler who would do anything to buy drugs. At some point we see his incredible bubble butt as he is making love to a woman. After making love, he stands up and we can briefly see his soft uncut dick. We see his butt again in another scene with a fantasy woman. In a next scene with a woman we see full frontal nudity from him at length, but his penis is small at that time and buried in this pubic hair. Later in the movie, he meets a naked boy Carlos Ramirez, who also displays full nudity, front and back. Francisco goes to the bathrooms and undresses. We see him fully naked again. Towards the end of the movie, there is a scene with several naked young men but it is hard to tell who is who.

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Colin Farrell in Triage (2009)

In this movie, there is one scene with Colin Farrell completely naked in his tub. We can see his big and long uncut dick lying on his thigh. There is no other nudity in the movie, but this scene is worth watching!

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Óscar Jaenada, Javier Ríos and Juan Diaz in November (2003)

This group of Spanish street performers are cute. Óscar Jaenada is seen naked but for most of the movie only above the waist, except for one still picture where he appears with the rest of the group fully naked, everybody being frontal. Óscar Jaenada and Juan Diaz's dicks appear pretty long, while Javier Rios's appears rather small but very thick. There is also a scene later in the movie with Juan Diaz has his body fully painted and wears only a sort of jock-strap. We can admire his butt and even guess he has a pretty hairy crack.

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Peter Caulfield in Cucumber (2015)

42 minutes in episode 1 of season 1, Peter Caulfield is parading naked in a house. We see his soft dick at first, and then briefly his butt.
Peter Caulfield is uncut.

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Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss and Dieter Bach in Return to Go!

21 minutes in the movie, we see Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss's butt as he is on top of Dieter Bach.
As he moves out, we see Dieter Bach's butt also.
23 minutes in the movie, we see Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss's balls too as he returns in bed with Dieter Bach.
24 minutes in the movie, as Dieter Bach is now out of bed, we remotely see his balls and dick, from behind, in between his legs.

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David Bowie and Rip Torn in The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976)

29 minutes in the movie, we see Rip Torn's penis. it's cut.
57 minutes in the movie, we see David Bowie's butt.
59 minutes in the movie, we see David Bowie's big uncut penis.
118 minutes in the movie, we see David Bowie's penis again.
119 minutes in the movie, we see David Bowie's butt.

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Wayne Virgo, Daniel Brocklebank, Oliver Park and Garry Summers in Release (2010)

Garry Summers is seen naked at the very beginning of the movie. He is in bed with Daniel Brocklebank. We first see Garry Summers' uncut penis as he rushes out of the bed and then his butt as he dresses up. A few minutes later, we see Daniel Brocklebank's long uncut penis and butt as he is taking a shower. In the next 10 minutes there are several scenes of Garry Summers and Daniel Brocklebank naked and making love. 30 minutes in the movie, there is a group shower scene where Wayne Virgo is seen showering. His uncut dick is semi erect. Follows a fight with a bunch of naked guys, all of them uncut. On the them, Oliver Park, is very pretty with a big uncut dick. The scene is however very violent.