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Taylor Reed and Joe Swanberg in Blackmail Boys (2010)

Right from the very beginning of the movie, we see Taylor Reed playing gay web cam. We see Taylor Reed jerking his big cut dick on the computer screen.
15 minutes in the movie, Taylor Reed is making love. In very close-up, we see Taylor Reed big cut dick in great details. Then we see Taylor Reed's butt for the first time. Taylor has a hairy crack.

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Ryan Steele and Reed Luplau in Five Dances (2013)

56 minutes in the movie, we see Reed Luplau's firm bubble butt.
One minute later, Ryan Steele is naked too.
We see both their butts for a couple of minutes as they are making love on the floor. We see Reed Luplau's bush but no full frontal nudity.

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Guillaume Depardieu in All the Mornings of the World (1991)

In this movie, Guillaume Depardieu plays with his dad Gérard Depardieu. Guillaume Depardieu has a scene where he makes love to a woman. We see his butt but also his balls and erect dick between his legs when he leaves the bed. It's a very clear and very erotic scene with Guillaume Depardieu showing everything. He has a very thick uncut dick.

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Alberto Ferreiro in Paco's Men (2005)

In this TV show, Alberto Ferreiro has a short scene where he plays naked. He is naked, drying clothes, when someone walks in. We have a very nice view at his bubble butt and a quick partial dick shot shortly after. A very nice body that we enjoy watching, especially as he is embarrassed being naked.

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Hunter Parrish in Weeds (2008)

3 minutes in episode 13 of Season 4, Hunter Parrish is naked in bed, as he gets out of bed and puts clothes back on, we get a good view at his butt.

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Clément Sibony and Richaud Valls in April in Love (2006)

Clement Sibony and Richaud Valls are a gay couple in this movie. They live on the beach. They are found sleeping naked together, 30 minutes in the movie. We first see Richaud Valls nice white firm butt. Later in the movie, when Clement Sibony is taking a shower we see the tip of this dick, partially hidden by a fence. He has a very impressive body. Nicolas Duvauchelle is super hot with his tattoos and his hot body. Unfortunately he does not show us any full nudity. But we know he has nothing to be ashamed of, as he has an incredible bulge in the many speedo scenes. His speedo outlines his big uncut dick. There is also a hot scene towards the end of the movie, where they paint their naked bodies.

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Cameron Monaghan, Noel Fisher, Steve Howey and Mike Doyle in Shameless Season 3 (2013)

In episode 6 of season 3, Cameron Monaghan shows us a lot of nudity as in many previous episodes. But for the first time, the camera briefly films Cameron frontally. Pausing the movie to the right frames, we can enjoy Cameron Monaghan's big uncut dick!
In that same episode, Noel Fisher is showing his butt a lot but his penis is hidden.
Steve Howey is also spending a lot of time naked in that episode. We see his butt at lenght and briefly his balls.

Ben Affleck in Gone Girl (2014)

In Gone Girl, Ben Affleck reveals his penis and butt for the first time in a movie.
In this famous shower scene, we can briefly see Ben Affleck's butt and penis from the side. Ben Affleck has a very big cut dick.

03/06/2015 Update: all pictures have been removed at the request of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

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Jesse Archer, Charlie David, Jeremy Gender and Aaron Star in A Four Letter Word (2007)

There is quite a bit of nudity in this movie. The movie starts with a naked yoga class. We see several guys naked, including the instructor. Aaron Star has a nice body and a regular size cut dick. It follows with Jesse Archer waking up naked next to Jeremy Gender. We see Jeremy Gender's nice and big cut dick, but we don't see Jesse Archer's penis. We only get a partial view of Jesse Archer's butt in that scene. 21 minutes in the movie, Jesse Archer and Charlie David are having sex together. We see Jesse Archer's nice butt and also very briefly, when Charlie David turns over on the top, we briefly get to see his dark and long uncut cock. 63 minutes in the movie, we get to see the naked yoga class again, this time with a better view at Aaron Star's penis.