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Gilles Marini in Sex and the City (2008)

Gilles Marini appears naked several times in the movie.
30 minutes in the movie, we first see his butt.
87 minutes in the movie, he has a hot undressing scene but without frontal or rear nudity.
112 minutes in the movie, he has another sex scene with 2 women, but again without full nudity.
However, 121 minutes in the movie, we get great rear nudity and then a quick full frontal of Gilles Marini of his huge uncut penis.

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Justin Long in Going The Distance (2010)

40 minutes in the movie, Justin Long is in a spa. He steps buck naked in a machine to get tanned. Although he covers his dick, we see his pubic hair and his butt. A few minutes later, he gets butt naked again to make love to Drew Barrymore. Justin Long has a nice bubble butt which has been oiled and waxed for the scene.

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Wayne Virgo in Cal (2013)

Wayne Virgo has several nude scenes in that movie.
11 minutes in the movie, there is a fight scene in bed. A girl gets on top of him. He is naked, we see his uncut dick and balls when she is on top, and then when he pushed her out of the bed.
We see his butt when he gets to the bathroom but it's dark.
36 minutes in the movie, Wayne Virgo gets naked in front of a mirror. We can ample time to admire his body all around.
Finally 50 minutes in the movie, there is a gay love scene with Tom Payne but we don't get full nudity from them then.

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Carlos da Silva and Jeffrey Radford in Breaking the Cycle

4 minutes in the movie, Carlos da Silva is getting a blow job from Jeffrey Radford. Then we see Carlos da Silva's butt and Jeffrey Radford's butt.
12 minutes in the movie, we get a good view at Carlos da Silva's butt and cut penis.
22 minutes and 57 minutes in the movie, we see Carlos da Silva's butt again.

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François Sagat, Omar Ben Sellem, Dustin Segura-Suarez and Rabah Zahi in Man at Bath (2010)

François Sagat is a porn star, so you can expect to see his big uncut dick all over the movie. The story is about a breakup between François Sagat and Omar Ben Sellem. Omar Ben Sellem leaves for New York and ends up meeting Dustin Segura-Suarez, while François Sagat meets Rabah Zahi. The surprise comes from Dustin Segura-Suarez. This young actor from Quebec looks absolutely fantastic! He is extremely good looking with an amazing uncut dick. We see him stripping naked, jerking off, and even briefly but nicely sucking Omar's dick! Omar has a big cut dick and Rabah has a small one. There are also a couple of other naked guys. What a movie !!!

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Svetozar Cvetkovic in Montenegro (1981)

One hour in the movie, we see Svetozar Cvetkovic's taking a shower. He carefully scrubs his whole body at our benefit. The way he cleans his nice uncut dick is also very erotic. We see Svetozar Cvetkovic's butt towards the end of the movie.

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Niels Schneider in Odysseus (2013)

Niels Schneider appears naked in episode 1 and episode 6 of this tv show.
In episode 1, we can only see Niels Schneider's butt. He has an amazing butt and also a very nice bubble butt.
Finally in episode 6, Niels Schneider is playing in the sea with another guy. As he moves around, we can see his dick briefly under water.
Also when he gets back from the beach we get frontal and rear nudity from Niels Schneider but from a distance.
Niels Schneider appears to have a large circumcised penis.