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Billy Magnussen in Happy Tears (2009)

73 minutes in the movie, Billy Magnussen is getting in a house, drenched by the rain. He undresses and we see his toned body.
2 minutes after, he has nothing on him but his underwear, which magically disappears, revealing his big and thick dick.

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Alan Ramírez, Gabino Rodríguez, Iván Álvarez, Emilio von Sternerfels, Hugo Catalán and Gerardo Del Razo in I Am Happiness on Earth (2014)

21 minutes in the movie, we see a nice bulge from Alan Ramírez's underwear.
25 minutes in the movie, we see Alan Ramírez's uncut penis as he is lying on a bed, sleeping.
43 minutes in the movie, we see Alan Ramírez's butt, as he is on a bed, his pants down.
49 minutes in the movie, we see another nice bulge in Alan Ramírez's underwear. He seems to be erect in that scene.

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Matt Damon in School Ties (1992)

35 minutes in the movie, Matt Damon is with other guys in the bathroom. We see an unknown man, with a great ass, showering in the back. 70 minutes in the movie, Matt Damon goes showering, and we see his big bubble butt as he slowly walks. We see a bunch of other guys naked next to Matt Damon. We only see their butts. Then Matt Damon starts a fight with Brendan Fraser.

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Alejo Sauras in Welcome Home (2006)

Alejo Sauras is a Spanish model. He has a great body and shows us everything in this movie. Mid-movie, as Alejo is going back home, he does not realize that his wife has visitors. He undresses completely to realize only after that they are watching him. We see first his butt, a very nice bubble butt, and we see him spread his cheeks as he takes his pants off. At that time, his big hairy balls appear in between his legs. Then he turns around and we can admire his thick uncut dick. Quite a pleasant view. Too bad it's not erect!

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Nicolas Cazalé, Thomas Dumerchez and Olivier Perez in 3 Dancing Slaves (2004)

In this movie, Nicolas Cazalé and Thomas Dumerchez show us in details their beautiful dicks and butts. They are very impressive. Gael Morel must also be a fetish of shaving, as we can see in this movie Nicolas shaving his hair and then trimming his pubes, but also that Thomas has his pubes completely shaved and there is an intense session where Salim Kechiouche shaves Thomas's butt hair! A must see! Olivier Perez is also showing us everything while playing a transvestite.

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Zachary Booth and Thure Lindhardt in Keep the Lights On (2012)

5 minutes in the movie, we see Zachary Booth's butt as he is in bed with Thure Lindhardt

12 minutes in the movie, we get a quick view at Zachary Booth's butt and huge balls, and then we get a good view at his dick as Thure Lindhardt is climbing on top of him

35 minutes in the movie, we get another quick butt view of Zachary Booth and then we see 5 minutes in the movie, we see Zachary Booth's butt as he is in bed with 's butt

62 minutes in the movie we get a great view at Zachary Booth' butt and huge balls.

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Markus Holmberg in God Save the King (2005)

6 minutes in the movie, we see some guy's hairy ass. We are unsure on the actor's name.

9 minutes in the movie, we briefly see Markus Holmberg's butt.

Then, 30 minutes, in the movie, we get a good view at Markus Holmberg's uncut dick and his butt, as he walks naked from the bedroom to the bathroom.

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Harrison Gilbertson in My Mistress (2014)

Harrison Gilbertson is first seen naked 27 minutes in this movie.
We see Harrison Gilbertson's butt as he is jerking off in the shower. We very brielfy see the tip of his dick as he is jerking off. He appears to be uncut.

49 minutes in the movie, we see Harrison Gilbertson's butt as he is swimming naked.

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Knut Berger and Lior Ashkenazi in Walk On Water (2004)

Knut Berger shows us everything while taking a shower and we see a close up of his nice uncut penis while he dresses up. Just earlier Lior Ashkenazi was rubbing his back with sun lotion and we see Lior completely naked too but more rapidly (his penis is cut).

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Marco Hofschneider in Europa Europa (1990)

This movie is about a Jewish boy trying to survive during the way by pretending he is pro Hitler. He is seen naked a lot through the movie. His dick is the center of attention as it can betray him. His character was circumcised at birth (Bris), so he must make sure that nobody sees it. In an interview, Hofschneider said the part was originally cast with his elder brother in the role but that production was delayed and by the time filming began his brother was too old. He said that he was surprised to get the role because he is not circumcised and that in the film he wore a prosthesis of a circumcised penis in order to make him appear circumcised. Apparently the production team had to experiment with a number of these prosthetic devices before they found one which would be satisfactory. This move is a must have. It won the Golden Globe award for Best Foreign Language Film and was also nominated for an Oscar.