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Monster Pies

Naked actors:

Circumcision status:
Original title : Beautiful Love
Director: Lee Galea
Main stars: Lucas Linehan, Tristan Barr, Rohana Hayes
Year: 2013
Genre: Romance, Drama
IMDB Score: 6.3
Duration: 85 min
IMDB Description: When Mike's English teacher pairs him up for a class assignment on Romeo and Juliet with the new kid William, Mike can't believe his luck. However as the two spend more and more time working together on a monster movie version of the Bard's classic tale, they both soon realize their feelings for one another may be more powerful than either of them is truly ready for.
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Tristan Barr and Lucas Linehan in Monster Pies (2013)

33 minutes in the movie, Tristan Barr and Lucas Linehan undress to go swim but they stay in the underwear which will end up being all wet. We see more of their bulges when they get out of the pool.
46 minutes in the movie, Tristan Barr and Lucas Linehan are both naked in bed. We see both butts, which are quite nice.
47 minutes in the movie, we see Lucas Linehan naked in a shower.


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