Til Schweiger and Joachim Król in Maybe... Maybe Not (1994)


Maybe... Maybe Not

Highlight: 24 minutes in the movie, Til Schweiger lowers his underwear to reveal his pubes. 28 minutes in the movie, he reveals his nice torso and shaved armpits. The Til Schweiger steps in the tub and reveals his butt. We very rapidly see his balls and massive dick in between his legs. 46 minutes in the movie, Joachim Król is performing oral sex on Til Schweiger when someone walks in. We see Joachim Król's butt at that occasion.

Naked actors:

Circumcision status:
Original title : Der bewegte Mann
Director: Sönke Wortmann
Main stars: Til Schweiger, Katja Riemann, Joachim Król
Year: 1994
Genre: Comedy
IMDB Score: 6.6
Duration: 93 min
IMDB Description: Thrown out by his girlfriend from her apartment, Axel lives for a while with Norbert, a gay man he met some days before. Axel, a handsome young guy is always on the hunt for women although he already has a girlfriend, Doro. One day he is caught in the act with another woman by Doro and she quits the relationship and throws him out of her apartment. Seeking for a new home, Axel is introduced to Walter, a homosexual, who finds Axel quite attractive. Walter takes Axel to a gay party where they meet Norbert, who has a big apartment and is more than willing to let Axel stay for a while because he thinks he can seduce him. Meanwhile, Doro finds out that she is pregnant from Axel and now she tries to get him back, not knowing that he lives among homosexuals now. This gives room for a lot of funny incidents between the gay world and the straight world. But will Doro get Axel back or will he stay with Norbert instead?
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