Simon Goerts and Sascha Backhaus in Oi! Warning (1999)


Oi! Warning

Highlight: Right at the beginning of the movie, we see Simon Goerts's ass and also his long uncut penis. 25 minutes in the movie, Sascha Backhaus is undressing. We see his butt but also uncut penis in the mirror.

Naked actors:

Circumcision status: Cut, Uncut
Director: Ben Reding, Dominik Reding
Main stars: Sascha Backhaus, Simon Goerts, Sandra Borgmann
Year: 1999
Genre: Drama
IMDB Score: 6.3
Duration: 90 min
IMDB Description: The film (the third of the Reding brothers) is about a German teenager following his identity crisis. The boy, transformed by the usual down-trodden socio-economic conditions of contemporary Europe, becomes a skin head, following the first one's lead. On the other side he befriends with a leftist (a punk) who is gay. This causes more and more conflicts which eventually leads to an atrocious end for the punk. The film offers scenes of homophobic violence by skinheads, and the whole relationship between the skinhead and gay movements (in Germany gay skinheads represent a substantial subculture).
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