Sebastian Jessen in Rich Kids (2007)


Rich Kids

Highlight: Sebastian Jessen is a hot blonde guy in this Danish movie. He is in two hot jerk-off scene although we cannot see his penis during these scenes. Interestingly enough, he wipes his cum with money bills. That's what rich kids must do! In addition we can enjoy a minute long of watching him sunbathing in the nude with extended views of his cute butt. No frontal in this movie unfortunately!

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Director: Rune Bendixen
Main stars: Simone Aagaard-Hansen, Lotte Arnsbjerg, Rune Bendixen
Year: 2007
Genre: Drama
IMDB Score: 3.5
Duration: 82 min
IMDB Description: A story about a group of rich kids, from old money families, north of Copenhagen, from a world where people with ambition and power rule. The kids are often left alone, feeling rejected and spending most of their time living on the edge, transcending boundaries, seeking attention, often trying to get revenge against people who don't listen to them. Away from the superficiality and pretention of their social class, they live a secret life, in which power, money, sex, drugs and endless secrets dominate. A lifestyle only a few of them can survive and where most become scarred for life. Writer, director Rune Bendixen spent 6 months with the group of rich kids, interviewing them. His script for "Rich Kids" is based on these interviews. The movie is about a group of young, beautiful and most of all rich kids, who try to drown their parents neglect in booze, drugs and sex. They all live in the richest neighborhoods in Denmark with designer clothes, yachts and cars. They might look cool from the outside, but in their environment everything is about power, money and respect, and none of them can handle the pressure of constantly proving themselves to the group.
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