Saga Becker, Iggy Malmborg, Mats Jäderlund and Emil Almén in Something Must Break (2014)


Something Must Break

Highlight: 14 minutes in the movie, we see the tip of Iggy Malmborg's uncut penis as he is peeing against a tree. 19 minutes in the movie, Iggy Malmborg undresses and we see his nice torso. 26 minutes in the movie, we see Mats Jäderlund's big uncut penis as he is tied naked on a bed. 28 minutes in the movie, we finally see Saga Becker's huge uncut penis, with his completely shaved pubis. We get ample view of his penis with great close-ups. 29 minutes in the movie, we see Iggy Malmborg's butt. Saga Becker then rims his butt hole. 30 minutes in the movie, when Iggy Malmborg finally turns around, we get a great view of his uncut penis. Then Saga Becker fucks him with a finger until Iggy Malmborg cums. 33 minutes in the movie, Iggy Malmborg and Saga Becker are again naked, swimming in a river. We see both butts and dicks, but more remotely. 38 minutes in the movie, we see Emil Almén's butt as he is getting a blow job from Saga Becker. 53 minutes in the movie, we see Saga Becker's butt as he is in a bath tub. 70 minutes in the movie, we see someone peeing on Saga Becker.

Naked actors:

Circumcision status: Uncut
Original title : Nånting måste gå sönder
Director: Ester Martin Bergsmark
Main stars: Saga Becker, Iggy Malmborg, Shima Niavarani
Year: 2014
Genre: Drama
IMDB Score: 6.7
Duration: 81 min
IMDB Description: A love story between two young men where one is the androgynous Sebastian and one is Andreas who is not gay. They form a unity. It' s them against the polished Swedish Ikeasociety. They dream about escaping boredom and the risk of becoming what everyone else is. And then there is Ellie- the superwoman growing inside of Sebastian who Andreas loves and fears. This is the summer when everything happens and both of them will choose paths that will determinate their lives forever. It's a battle for love where Sebastian finally has to realise that he has to let Ellie loose, find the strength within himself and not let his happiness depend on someone else.
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